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Rental management

On the day of your renting, you should bring the contract, your boat license, an official ID so the boat owner can verify all the information.

You should check the yacht description to see if the yacht owner gave any precision on fuel pricing.

Most of the time, especially for motorboats, you can consider the fuel is not included and you pay to the boat owner. Usually, you take the yacht with a certain amount of fuel, and return it with the same quantity. For more precise details, you can directly contact the boat owner.

For most renting with a skipper, the skipper service fees are included in the price. If they are not, the owner will specify this in the listing.

For a renting with or without a skipper, do not hesitate to ask questions to the yacht owner by sending a message through the Airynb site. He/she can give you more details on the charter.

The yachts should be insured by the owners themselves. When they create a rental offer on Airynb site they should have an insurance policy.
Please check with the boat owner if he/she has signed an insurance policy.

Theoretically, the boat owner or the skipper are the only captains on board. Although, with their authorization and if you are on a sailboat, they may authorize you to steer the yacht. If you are on a motorboat, and if you are a boat license holder, you may steer the yacht if the skipper allows you to.

Rental Request

You will be always able to contact the boat owner through the "send message" button in the rental offer of the boat owner. You click on it and then you access to the Airynb contact form. Please fill in the form and send message.

You may always ask the boat owner for a discount or a personalized offer sending a message from "send message" button that is in every rental offer and filling in the contact form.

You can see the yacht according to the boat owner rules. You will then be able to exchange contact information with the owner and visit the yacht. The Airynb contact form allows you to ask all your questions, and is also accessible via mobile site.

A rental offer "without skipper" is a charter where you get the yacht alone: you will be steering it. Do not forget to specify your nautical experience and add your yacht license, in some cases, to reassure the boat owner. You will be responsible of the yacht during the entire length of the charter.

A rental offer "with skipper" is a charter with a professional skipper or the boat owner on board. They will be with you during your charter and will be in charge of steering the yacht.

A rental offer "with or without skipper" means that the yacht is available for charter with or without a skipper, both options are possible. It depends on your preference, and your nautical experience.

The yachts should be insured by the owners themselves. Please check directly with the boat owner what type of insurance they have. You can send a message by clicking on the "send message" button contained in the rental offer and filling in the contact form.

You do not pay Airynb. You directly pay the boat owner.

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Click on "access" button and then click on "create account". Fill in the form selecting from the first window if you are a boat owner, insert a username and password, email and your personal data. You receive an email, click on the url and your account i s confirmed. Than you go on Airynb site, click on Access and insert your username and password and you are part of Airynb community.

During registration, you should receive a confirmation email on the email address you used to register. To validate your email, you simply have to click on the link "Confirm my email address". To verify that you entered the correct email address, go to "My Account" and "Profile".

To go to your phone number, you should click on "My Account", "Dashboard", "My Profile", and validate both your phone number and your email address.

After clicking on the verification process, you should automatically receive a text message with a code. You need to enter this code in the space provided for it, so your phone may be verified.

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Create an ad

We do accept yacht charter professionals if those two conditions are respected:

The pricing of rental offer have to be lower to the pricing displayed on your website or in your agency/office.

Your company or website may not be mentioned at any time: not in the description, not in your photos, and not in the exchange of messages with potential boat renters.

If you make your yacht available for charter with you or a qualified person on board, the charter will be considered to be "with skipper".

If you make your yacht available for charter without skipper, the boat renter will be responsible for steering the yacht.

You may also make your yacht available for charter "with or without skipper," letting the renter choose if he wants to have a skipper on board or not (depending on the renter's preference and navigational experience.

I remember you the simple steps to create a boat rental offer:

1. Register you account as boat owner on Airynb site.

2. Register your boats on Airynb site

3. Insert a boat rental offer for every boat with calendar and price.

Boat renter communicate with you through "send message" button in the rental offer filling in the Airynb contact form. Remenber that you deal directly with the future boat renter.

You will pay a token for every day that your rental offer will be present in Airynb site. The value of the token depends from the number of your boat's feet.

When the boat renter will accept your boat rental offer you will delete the rental offer for that period on Airynb site. From that moment you will not pay more.

Airynb will notify you well in advance when the token payment will be active. From now until then you will pay nothing to enter your boat rental offers.

Charter Request

To offer a discount or make a personalized offer to a boat renter, you can do it directly dealing with the boat renter.

You will be able to share contact information, email and phone numbers with the boat renter.
The first time will be when the boat renter will send you a message via the Airynb contact form by replying to one of your boat rental offers.
When you will receive your message you will be in contact with the boat renter and from that moment you can exchange email and phone numbers.

You have to register on Airynb site. You click on "access", click on "create account" and fill in all the information.
a. select "I am boat owner"
b. insert email and phone number
c. insert name and surname
You will receive an email to the communicated email in the registration, click on the URL and from that moment you are registered on Airynb site.
After it you join the Airynb community. Please recommend it to friends or family. Click on the links you find on the Airynb site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Linkedin, Youtube and Pinterest.

Yes, your personal information is secured.

Our website uses the highest security standards to assure your security. All the information present on Airy&b are secured. The site is verified by a SSL certificate.

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