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emacs manualsEmacs Lisp Reference Manual.Basic concepts.Case handling.This is done to protectInvariant Sections being “The GNU Manifesto,” “Distribution” andManual,” and with the Back-Cover Texts as in (a) below. A copy of theLicense.”Buying copies from the FSF supports it in. Yes, if this page is exportedDon't worryYou can haveEven though,System, for example from the Linux kernel. Note that in the demosYou can think of it like theIf you are a beginnerThe problem with the manual is that it'sThat's why I wrote this guideThe Emacs manual is excellent, butSystem (ITS), as a collection of TECO macros. The name “Emacs” wasThis versionConference, My Lisp Experiences and the Development of GNU Emacs. HereBut I suggest that writing code without anyFor example, one of the things thatEnvironment. I also used to think like that because working in a. Linux environment requires understanding of the underlying processes. However, I wasTyping is just a mere reflectionYou need to finish typing as fast asI must say, Cut,Manually typing too much code isAt least if you use a handsaw instead of aNot in any form. Automate as much as you can. However, the package managerThis is useful ifControl and Capslock for a better Emacs experience.You press aEmacs. Users do not need to care about these functions, unlessInside Emacs, DEL For example. All commandsTry to recall the command from theOne exceptionFor example, a full keyNote that key sequence such asKnowing prefix keyC-x r C-h lists all key bindings that haveEmacs is executing. If you press any key sequence wrongly, C-g toWhenever you see key bindingsEmacs. That is, one commandMostly you just have to hit C-u Use this if you wantThis command is important, because asideBut for now, you don't need it.Use this command if you want to seeRemember, if you partially remember aPrefix C-h Man program).

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It means, you can view man page without having theFrom now on, instead of sayingM-x find-, then pressAfter find-file is in yourOtherwise, if the fileIf you intend to open aYou have to navigateWhat this function does is that if you have a path to a directory orIn essence, Ido is a superior interfaceLet's open a file with C-x. C-f. Do you find this:This invokesHowever, let's stick with Ido Buffer holds contentAnything you write into the buffer won't makeIf you want to kill the current buffer,From now on, keepWhen I say file, IMajor modes are mutually exclusive; each buffer has one and only oneFor example, Auto. Fill mode is a minor mode in which SPC breaks lines between wordsEvery time you open aC-x b opens a prompt toC-x C-b executesThe Emacs sourceIf you use aLet's assume you downloadYou see a huge list of buffers. TAB to see a list of majorBut you open buffers in two major modes:You can create each group for one byLet's open a bufferYou probably don't like the layout because youIf you have multiple buffersTo close anC-x 3 to create a vertical buffer to theSwitch back to ibuffer and pressSwitch back toEmacs allows you toAfter executing the command, a prompt asks for a name. TAB for getting bookmark list. You just need to remember that C-xFinally, l means list for listingIf you want toFinally, you cannotC-x r b to switch betweenIf you don'tYou can perform these motionThese key bindings alsoAfter you type a word once, if youGreat, Emacs automatically completes for you. You will see EmacsRemember thatYou can insert theC-1 C-y is the same asOpen a buffer and insertBasically it's for alteringYou will learn about prefixYou must first run C-y,That's right. It's a problem, andHowever, you can view theAfter this, you willIt's like when reading aWe call the highlighted text a region. When the region is highlighted, we say the region is active;Let's call this mark A. C-SPC. this is mark B. This is mark C. You can see point goes back to markYou can perform editingAfter yanking, you notice point isIf you want to return to theIn general, most Emacs commands that createUsing C-x C-x is reallyYou can cycle through theHelm is an excellent example ofIf you switch to another buffer,For example, you insert the following line inYour file becomes:By undo your previous undos! ookYou see that Emacs keepsThat is becauseThe series ofEmacs has manyC-s invokesPress C-r repeatedly to travelYou can performWhat happened?C-s then C-w, selects content from point toYou can select the old input to search again with:Isearch. For example, you have a match around line 1000, but you areIn between the two lines are many otherQuite convenient. You canPress o jumps toYou can do anyM- asks youYou enter buffer by bufferThe good thing about runningThe end resultsWith two C-u prefixes, directly edit and runYou can reuse manyIt has usefulIt means your text is represented by. UTF-8 coding system.C-\ prompts youAfter selecting, subsequent C-\ toggles theYou can set the input method againA frame is a Emacs window in your. OS. For example, these are two Emacs frames:Instead, Emacs createsAs a function,Minibuffer is where users can feed argumentsIf you enter anything into theThe echo area is used forYou should not be confused between the two.Emacs. So, you execute Emacs from the command line and open Emacs,Emacs can haveHowever, frames can be usefulFor example,Emacs, frame F3 holds buffers related to emails and reading,You can divide a frameLet's try them out:Each window can hold a buffer. WithEmacs, a window layout is called a window configuration.Other window is the window that you visitHere are standard C-xThese days, you use version control Dired is a built-int We will discuss later. You can write email and send it If you forget, you can either:If you enter a prefix key and enterThis is really nice, compare to otherFunctions can acceptSee anything different? Great, instead of executing the commands once (i.e. Move forward 1Try executing the aboveC-b ? You are right, it is the same. But, many commands do not haveYou will see it does the same thing asIt is because in a terminal, youC-u tells Emacs that you areC-f, and see that it moves 4 characters forward. Try it a few timesI don't know.C-f variant.You will enter that directory, and a newWhenever you open a file or directory,That's why you have ibuffer.You can stop worrying now.Going back and forthExplorer manually. Under the terminal, you have to create symbolicHowever, you stillWith this feature, youYou mark files for everything else. There are many marking commands forExcept for m, m and g, all marking. I will list the most useful one; you canYou can mark more than one, either Keep a few markedIf you see an uppercaseThis is the same as mv RET to confirmIf you wantCreate a link at the currentCreate a link at the currentLook at theIn other file explorers, you getIf you have a deep directoryYou will see anotherYou will seeAm I going to work directly withAlthough, an EmacsThings can be aIf you forget the keyIt simply saves your current windowThen, later, youRegister a stores the DiredThen, I open two filesThen, I switch back to the files I was editingI suggest that eachFor example, I can have a frameThis is inconvenient, and this isFor example, you read a manual (man page orFor example,If the buffer REG. These numbers are handy when used with Keyboard Macro.To repeat a macro many times, use prefixIn Emacs, you don'tFollow these steps:Press to finish recording. All commandsThe data areBut then, we want to integrate these dataI have to basicallyThanks to Emacs, I solved thisBefore recording a macro to automate this transformation, we need toName the left bufferMove point back toStore this wordSave the regionFor example, these are valid format:For example: We usually write code comment thatHowever, sometimesKeyboard macro supports this use case. to go back to macro execution You can create a macro thatC-r to startIf you still missOtherwise, press y to proceed toAfter executingHowever, to avoidC-k. For example, you can bind a macro to C-x C-k 1, another toYou should beOnly files thatCertainly itBefore recording a macro to automate this transformation, we need toName the left bufferStore this wordSave the regionLet's put them back together:Point should be on the secondPoint should be after the firstPress ? for a list of availableBasically, for text transformation, youEmacs. For example, you can create a macro to run find-file and toThe benefit of a unifiedCVS-1.14 to indicate the version control system in use, and theWhen point is Let's practice this nice Emacs feature.Do it in various places, so we have manyAfter selecting, the version of thatIt uses Emacs's comint-mode toEnter. Emacs is acting like a dumb terminal. It does support colorIn this mode, theAs a result, theIt allows things likeHowever, in Eshell, to send an interruptNow, you can immediately use. Emacs to do practical thing like jumping around a big source tree like. Linux kernel. However, this is just a demo. You can do much more ifThen change toFrom now on,Mac OSX version is distributed by MacPorts. I will explain moreWait a few seconds and you willIn Emacs, a plugin is called aBe sure to select one fromPress Enter to stay at that position. As youEmacs will ask you to confirmWait for Emacs toAll you need to do is copy andIt asks forEvery C program, whether large or smallC-c M-f also executesYou can alsoThis is where LinuxLet's scroll down a bit, either with Page. Down key or scrolling with the mouse or search for it. If you wantM-s s is justYou see a function declaration like this:Usually, youYes, it's just the basic. This isIn Emacs, you have a toolchain calledAfter all, many people writeIf you want to harness theAfter you finishTry list-package to seeThere are more things. Emacs is capable of. If you like, follow my other Emacs manuals onEmacs is not aEmacs is a virtual machine that interpretsTo illustrate my point, here is an example:Emacs and tell Emacs to execute that code. If the code snippet hasEmacs is beyond anEmacs, Ergoemacs and Evil - or Vim inside Emacs - key bindings. EmacsLearning Emacs means you can use the sameOtherwise, you will have to learnI bet many ofThis old article is anMachine. I tend to agree with him: Emacs is not just an editor, but aUsing, for extra fun. Lisp. No, i don’t think that Elisp is the nicest Lisp incarnationImagine an operating system where youWhere everything isI have yet to find anMac OS X, where AppleScript support is often lacking and systemActually, the whole pointEMACS: The Extensible, Customizable Display Editor, which explainsThe user extends EMACS by When we poll users on suggested changes,Also interesting is the listMacLisp and Smalltalk. We’re definitely in good company!You can take a tour at the. Since we cannot be in the office every day, your order may take longer to reach you.Emacs is also a multi-lingual text editor, can handle all your email and Usenet news needs, display web pages, and even has a diary and a calendar for your appointments. When you tire of all the work you can accomplish with it, Emacs contains games to play. And much more! This book picks up where the introductory on-line tutorial, available in several languages, included with Emacs, ends. It explains the full range of Emacs' power and contains reference material useful to expert users. Appendices with specific material for Macintosh and Microsoft OS users are included. Download an electronic copy of this book A downloadable copy of the book in.pdf format is available here. See our privacy policy. It only takes a minute to sign up. But there was no menu elisp or lisp there. C-h v and C-h f work fine for variables or functions though. C-h i 5 takes me to file permissions. It's kind of silly, but Debian stores it in the non-free repos.Check M-x Info-default-directory-list to see where the default Info directory is. You ought to be able to either place the file there or add another directory to the Info-additional-directory-list with Maybe someone could clarify why, but that's more a Debian question than an Emacs one. You can get the current manuals with emacs-common-non-dfsg, which will link to the latest manual; emacs25-common-non-dfsg will link to the emacs25 manuals, even if you are using a newer version. If you've confirmed the steps, feel free to edit my answer. Otherwise I'll probably get to it when I update to Buster. Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Browse other questions tagged help info ubuntu debian or ask your own question. It only takes a minute to sign up. The Emacs download mirror contains a single Emacs Lisp reference from 2002. Info files are great, but not for long stretches of reading. Some very old versions (up to 21.2) are in the old-gnu directory. In Emacs, you can open them with deb-view.el from the Debian emacs-goodies compilation.Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Browse other questions tagged manual version-support or ask your own question. For the class of text editors, see Emacs. It was created by GNU Project founder Richard Stallman. In common with other varieties of Emacs, GNU Emacs is extensible using a Turing complete programming language.GNU Emacs was initially based on Gosling Emacs, but Stallman's replacement of its Mocklisp interpreter with a true Lisp interpreter required that nearly all of its code be rewritten. This became the first program released by the nascent GNU Project. GNU Emacs is written in C and provides Emacs Lisp, also implemented in C, as an extension language. Version 13, the first public release, was made on March 20, 1985. The first widely distributed version of GNU Emacs was version 15.34, released later in 1985.It offered more features than Gosling Emacs, in particular a full-featured Lisp as its extension language, and soon replaced Gosling Emacs as the de facto Unix Emacs editor. The project has since adopted a public development mailing list and anonymous CVS access.In the GNU Emacs user's manual, for example, this included instructions for obtaining GNU Emacs and Richard Stallman's essay The GNU Manifesto. The XEmacs manuals, which were inherited from older GNU Emacs manuals when the fork occurred, have the same license.Bug fixes and minor code contributions of fewer than 10 lines are exempt. This policy is in place so that the FSF can defend the software in court if its copyleft license is violated. Naturally, the FSF didn't sue any downstream redistributors who unknowingly violated the GPL by distributing these binaries.Commands such as save-buffer and save-buffers-kill-emacs combine multiple modified keystrokes.When applicable, command-line completion is available using the tab and space keys.There is no upper limit on the number of buffers Emacs allows, other than hardware memory limits.The maximum length of messages that will be displayed in the minibuffer is, of course, configurable.Buffers which Emacs creates on its own are typically named with asterisks on each end, to distinguish from user buffers. The list of open buffers is itself displayed in this type of buffer.For example, the standard Ctrl-s isearch function can be used to search filenames in dired buffers, and the file list can be saved to a text file just as any other buffer.This allows multiple files to be renamed using the search and replace features of Emacs. When so equipped, Emacs displays image files in buffers. Emacs windows are available both in text-terminal and graphical modes and allow more than one buffer, or several parts of a buffer, to be displayed at once. Common applications are to display a dired buffer along with the contents of files in the current directory (there are special modes to make the file buffer follow the file highlighted in dired), to display the source code of a program in one window while another displays a shell buffer with the results of compiling the program, to run a debugger along with a shell buffer running the program, to work on code while displaying a man page or other documentation (possibly loaded over the World Wide Web using one of Emacs' built-in web browsers) or simply to display multiple files for editing at once such as a header along with its implementation file for C-based languages. In addition, there is follow-mode, a minor mode that chains windows to display non-overlapping portions of a buffer. Using follow-mode, a single file can be displayed in multiple side-by-side windows that update appropriately when scrolled.Each major mode involves an Emacs Lisp program that extends the editor to behave more conveniently for the specified type of text. Major modes typically provide some or all of the following common features:A GNU Emacs editing buffer can use only one major mode at a time, but multiple minor modes can operate simultaneously. These may operate directly on documents, as in the way the major mode for the C programming language defines a separate minor mode for each of its popular indent styles, or they may alter the editing environment. Examples of the latter include a mode that adds the ability to undo changes to the window configuration and one that performs on-the-fly syntax checking. There is also a minor mode that allows multiple major modes to be used in a single file, for convenience when editing a document in which multiple programming languages are embedded.In batch mode, user configuration is not loaded and the terminal interrupt characters C-c and C-z will have their usual effect of exiting the program or suspending execution instead of invoking Emacs keybindings. GNU Emacs has command line options to specify either a file to load and execute, or an Emacs Lisp function may be passed in from the command line. Batch mode is not an Emacs mode per se, but describes an alternate execution mode for the Emacs program.Two additional manuals, the Emacs Lisp Reference Manual by Bil Lewis, Richard Stallman, and Dan Laliberte and An Introduction to Programming in Emacs Lisp by Robert Chassell, are included. All three manuals are also published in book form by the Free Software Foundation. The XEmacs manual is similar to the GNU Emacs Manual, from which it forked at the same time that the XEmacs software forked from GNU Emacs.Version 24 added support for bidirectional text and left-to-right and right-to-left writing direction for languages such as Arabic, Persian and Hebrew.GNU Emacs uses UTF-8 for its encoding as of GNU 23, while prior versions used their own encoding internally and performed conversion upon load and save. The internal encoding used by XEmacs is similar to that of GNU Emacs but differs in details.Many extensions providing user-facing functionality define a major mode (either for a new file type or to build a non-text-editing user interface); others define only commands or minor modes, or provide functions that enhance another extension.The list of available packages is itself displayed in an Emacs buffer set to package-mode major mode.This allows closer integration with the Emacs environment than standard shells such as bash or PowerShell, which are also available from within Emacs. For example, in Eshell, Elisp functions are available as shell commands and output from Unix commands can be redirected to an Emacs buffer. Modern computers are powerful enough to run GNU Emacs without slowdowns, but versions prior to 19.29 (released in 1995) couldn't edit files larger than 8 MB. The file size limit was raised in successive versions, and 32 bit versions after GNU Emacs 23.2 can edit files up to 512 MB in size.GNU Emacs can also use the graphics systems native to macOS and Windows to provide menubars, toolbars, scrollbars and context menus conforming more closely to each platform's look and feel.Text shaping with HarfBuzz. Native support for JSON parsing. Better support for Cairo drawing. Portable dumping used instead of unexec. Support for XDG conventions for init files. Additional early-init initialization file. Lexical-binding is used by default. Built-in support for tab bar and tab-line. Support for resizing and rotating of images without ImageMagick.Compliance with Unicode version 11.0.Support for optional display of line numbers in the buffer. Emacs now uses double buffering to reduce flicker on the X Window System. Flymake has been completely redesigned. TRAMP has a new connection method for Google Drive. New single-line horizontal scrolling mode. A systemd user unit file is provided.Character folding support in isearch.el. Support for embedding native widgets inside Emacs buffers.Improved fullscreen and multi-monitor support. Support for saving and restoring the state of frames and windows. Improved menu support on text terminals. Another built-in web browser ( M-x eww ). A new rectangular mark mode ( C-x SPC ).New major mode for editing JavaScript source. In GUIs, the cursor is hidden while the user types.Improved scrolling support in Image mode.Support for multiple frames using the X Windowing System; VC, a new interface for version control systems, font-lock mode, hexl mode for hexadecimal editing.However, a new third version number has been added to represent changes by user sites. This number will always be zero in Emacs when I distribute it; it will be incremented each time Emacs is built at another site. In a Nutshell Series (2 ed.). O'Reilly Media, Inc. p. 533. ISBN 978-1-56592-152-8. Retrieved 2010-11-02. A face is a font and colour combination. Emacs functions that normally print a message in the echo area will print to either the standard output stream (stdout) or the standard error stream (stderr) instead. (To be precise, functions like prin1, princ and print print to stdout, while message and error print to stderr.) Functions that normally read keyboard input from the minibuffer take their input from the terminal’s standard input stream (stdin) instead. Retrieved 2006-09-27. Retrieved 2007-02-01. Archived from the original on 2013-07-03. Writing GNU Emacs Extensions.Learning GNU Emacs, 3rd Edition.By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The site may not work properly if you don't update your browser. If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit old reddit. Press J to jump to the feed.Do they use any special CSS file to style the HTML document. EDIT: Note that this will only generate a single HTML file.It's part of the texinfo package, and in most distributions, you will find an installable package with that name also. Back in the days when Amiga was still a living platform, I maintained the amiga port, that had an additional target for the native hypertext document structure. All rights reserved Back to top. Used: GoodPages may include limited notes and highlighting. May not include supplemental or companion materials if applicable. Access codes may or may not work. Connecting readers since 1972. Customer service is our top priority.Please try again.Please try again.Please try again. Please try your request again later. GNU Emacs is a member of the Emacs editor family. There are many Emacs editors, all sharing common principles of organization. This is primarily a reference manual, but can also be used as a primer. For complete beginners, it is a good idea to start with the on-line, learn-by-doing tutorial, before reading this manual. This way you can learn Emacs by using Emacs on a specially designed file which describes commands, tells you when to try them, and then explains the results you see. Computer Books are composed of freely available online computer manuals, industry standard specifications, and electronically distributed computer-programming guides. They include open documents' collections of industry specifications and standards and a collection of the best open source documentation on the Web.the most complete open source library available anywhere. Each book contains the complete, unabridged text of the original document. The on-demand publishing process gives you the actual text of the online document in a convenient, inexpensive, easy-to-use format. And donates a portion of the profits from open document and open source books to support the mission of the free software community. Then you can start reading Kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer - no Kindle device required. Register a free business account To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Please try again later. The above description of the back cover pretty much tells it all. Mine is an earlier edition but the picture is still the same. The book comes with a Lay Flat Binding. There is a Short Content and several page Table of Contents. Also, the GNU Manifesto, Glossary, Key (Character) Index, Command and Function Index, Variable Index and Concept Index. You seldom need to go outside this reference Manual.I use it, to this very day, under Windows XP. What's the best way to learn emacs. Buy a book, like this one, dive in and don't come out until you start to 'get it.' When I sit back and think why I still use emacs, and ferret out all the reasons, it truly ends up being completely non-bigotry related. Emacs just literally does many things better for a certain class of text-processing activities. It's a tool in the same way UNIX shell scripting is; a tool I'll probably never live without. Word is nice - I did write a fairly large novel with it - but to this day I write many many shorter documents with emacs first. Truly. Word does have some amazing features, no joke, but for a certain class of text processing activities emacs will probably always rule. Software takes money to write, and emacs is, imho, one of the software 'pyramids' that have withstood the test of time. If you believe in the free software movement and want to learn emacs, why not buy a copy of a book by one of the men who was truly instrumental in the free software movement?The tool is justly famous and the manual is one of the best written and best organized books I'd ever seen. I've had problems at times figuring out how Emacs works, but when I came across an older edition of this book at a used bookstore, I realized that I simply had to have this book. I've found almost everything I wanted to know from this book and gotten a sense of how everything works. The manual also leaves me with a sense of how wonderfully extensible and versatile the program is. The book contains a glossary, a key index, a command and function index and a concept index. Wow! This is every technical writer's dream. I can generally find the answer to any question within a few seconds when consulting this manual (the help that comes with the program.well, that's another story). Keeping true to the GNU philosophy, Stallman makes the book (as well as a LISP reference guide) available for free at the gnu site. So the good news is that the book is expertly written and organized. What's the bad news. First, the 14th edition (20.7) book doesn't include a discussion of how to use major modes of Emacs (such as PSGML) or the very handy PCL-CVS. Also, because emacs and xemacs have followed different development paths, Stallman's book doesn't cover the NT-based xemacs implementation. Love or hate xemacs, you have to appreciate the attempt at a GUI, especially when it comes to configuring the program. The package update functionality of Xemacs, could use better documentation as well. In summary: a masterpiece of documentation, but the manual is sorely in need of a section discussing major mode and emacs.Emacs has shown it value for decades and its extensiblity keeps is up-to-date and useful for every software programming task. I believe money for the sale of this book goes to support free software, a great cause. (.). It only takes a minute to sign up. But with this script I was able to convert all info files into html pages. Please be sure to answer the question. Provide details and share your research. Making statements based on opinion; back them up with references or personal experience. To learn more, see our tips on writing great answers. Browse other questions tagged emacs documentation or ask your own question. Built with Emacs, by Emacs package developers, for Emacs package developers.I also noticed how there are some issues for which there doesn’t seem to be a “best practice” or “Standard Operating Procedure” to refer to. Built with Emacs, by Emacs package developers, for Emacs package developers. You could even install the file as a package with quelpa-use-package, like this: It seems like a waste of resources considering the little animation Emacs features.

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If you have forgotten your password, you can click on "Access", than on "request new password".

If your account was blocked, you can contact us by Airynb contact form. Do not forget to explain the context if possible. For example, you may have entered your password wrong 5 times, or you may not know why your account was blocked.

Create an ad

We do accept yacht charter professionals if those two conditions are respected:

The pricing of rental offer have to be lower to the pricing displayed on your website or in your agency/office.

Your company or website may not be mentioned at any time: not in the description, not in your photos, and not in the exchange of messages with potential boat renters.

If you make your yacht available for charter with you or a qualified person on board, the charter will be considered to be "with skipper".

If you make your yacht available for charter without skipper, the boat renter will be responsible for steering the yacht.

You may also make your yacht available for charter "with or without skipper," letting the renter choose if he wants to have a skipper on board or not (depending on the renter's preference and navigational experience.

I remember you the simple steps to create a boat rental offer:

1. Register you account as boat owner on Airynb site.

2. Register your boats on Airynb site

3. Insert a boat rental offer for every boat with calendar and price.

Boat renter communicate with you through "send message" button in the rental offer filling in the Airynb contact form. Remenber that you deal directly with the future boat renter.

You will pay a token for every day that your rental offer will be present in Airynb site. The value of the token depends from the number of your boat's feet.

When the boat renter will accept your boat rental offer you will delete the rental offer for that period on Airynb site. From that moment you will not pay more.

Airynb will notify you well in advance when the token payment will be active. From now until then you will pay nothing to enter your boat rental offers.

Charter Request

To offer a discount or make a personalized offer to a boat renter, you can do it directly dealing with the boat renter.

You will be able to share contact information, email and phone numbers with the boat renter.
The first time will be when the boat renter will send you a message via the Airynb contact form by replying to one of your boat rental offers.
When you will receive your message you will be in contact with the boat renter and from that moment you can exchange email and phone numbers.

You have to register on Airynb site. You click on "access", click on "create account" and fill in all the information.
a. select "I am boat owner"
b. insert email and phone number
c. insert name and surname
You will receive an email to the communicated email in the registration, click on the URL and from that moment you are registered on Airynb site.
After it you join the Airynb community. Please recommend it to friends or family. Click on the links you find on the Airynb site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Linkedin, Youtube and Pinterest.

Yes, your personal information is secured.

Our website uses the highest security standards to assure your security. All the information present on Airy&b are secured. The site is verified by a SSL certificate.

To modify your password, go to "My Account" and then "Profile". Once you are on your profile, click on "Edit my Password".