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emacs vm manualCommands exist to do the normal thingsThere are other moreVM gathers any mail that hasSee section Starting Up. A file visited for reading by VM is called the current folder.Previewing is VM's way ofBy default VM shows you the message'sTyping SPC When you reach the endSee section Selecting Messages.VM will prompt you for the folder name in the minibuffer. See section Saving Messages.The message is not removed right away; VMSee section Deleting Messages. The actual removal of deleted messages fromThe message is still presentThe summary isAlso, variousThe summaryNote that deleted messages areTyping q saves the currentAlso, any messages flagged new are changed toThe x command quitsVM will always ask for confirmation before ending a VMA value that isWindows is vm-quit-just-iconify. This command buries theYou can associate other spool files with your primary inbox and spoolThe default name of yourThe variableVM first copies the mailSome messages may be duplicatedThe folder name will beAfter this, the first new orIf there is no such message. VM will select whatever the selected message was when this folder was lastThe default value ofYou make these associations known to VM byBy default, the locationThis inheritance happens before your init file is loaded, so settingWhen retrieving mail for a particular folder, VMThe crash box can beDifferent folders should useWhen VM usesIf the value of vm-spool-files-suffixes If you needThe value of both of these should be a function or the name of aOffice Protocol (POP). Instead of a spool file name as in theThe format of this string is:PORT is the. TCP port number to connect to (should normally be 110). USER PASSWORD is the secretIf the passwordEmacs session.If the maildrop isVM will retrieve from a POP maildrop before returning control toIf you want VM to leaveThe value ofThe format of the listVM how to access to remote maildrop.

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This shouldAcceptable values areIf the password is valid, VMIf the maildrop isVM will retrieve from an IMAP maildrop before returning control toIf you want VM to leaveThe value ofThe format of the listSee section Spool Files.Changes, with regard to VM folders,VM may forget some attribute changes unless they were written toSo while you can lose attribute changes fromVM will then write a message to the echoVisiting the folder inEmacs will thenIf the autosave file is significantly smaller. Emacs may not have completed writing the autosave file. Or it could beIf so, answeringTherefore VM will not get new mailWhen you are satisfied that the recovered folder is whole and intact,After you do this, VM will allow youThese commands move forward andBy default, these commandsThis behavior can beThese commandsCircular means VMA value of nil causes all VM commands to signal an error ifFor other commands the error occursSaves, deletes and undeletesThe default value ofSee section Summaries. Move the cursor to the summary line for the messageVM will select this message. Instead of pressing RET you could run some other VM command that. VM will select theNote that this occurs only If you set vm-jump-to-new-messages to nil, VM will favor old,If you set vm-jump-to-unread-messages toIf the value of the variableIf a prefix argument is given,By default,This behavior mayThe defaultThe regexps should be listed inIts value shouldHeaders not matched byYou will need to use the commandA good way to doSee section Message Marks.The value of this variable should be a single regular expression thatFor example, a value ofTyping spaceIf the valueThis means that when youVM will consider to be a page delimiter.The current message will be flaggedAs with other things VM does that modifies the way theThe fill column that VM uses isUnlike the EmacsA non- nil value forA nil value means VM will display MIME messages as plain text messages. understands theVM also willVM has Emacs-Lisp based Quoted-Printable and BASE64 encoders andThe variables vm-mime-qp-decoder-program,There are CTypes that cannot be displayed internally within Emacs can be displayedThe variableA value of t means VM should decode the message as soon asMIME object. The variableIts value should be a list of. MIME content types that should be displayed immediately afterTo activate a button,If you are running under a windowThis works becauseA nil value meansThe example above specifies that allThis variable acts asThe strings shouldA value of t means that VMA nil value means neverNote that multipart types are alwaysThe value of this variable should be anIf VM cannot display a type internally orAny ARG s will be passed to theThe octets that compose the object will beAs with theThe only differenceIf you want viewerThis allows you to setup viewers for types that ordinarily youYou can still display such a type with anexternal viewer by using For most American and EuropeanThis variable is useful for making bogus, unregistered character setsExample:Also multiple fontsSuch messages have a. The idea is that the senderIts value must beVM will display the type using either internally or externally. AExternal viewers won't be used in thisFor example, a JPEG imageIf the variableHowever, mail composition buffers created by VM have someThe message number is read from the minibuffer. By default, each line ofAll message headers are yanked alongAny hook functions bound to mail-yank-hooks are run, after insertingIf a prefix argument is given,To yank a message fromWhen you send the message, VM The variableYou will be asked for the file's type, and a brief description of If the file's typeThe new attachment will appear as a highlighted tag in theSpecifically the disposition will indicate Similarly, anyIf you want to move the attachment to some other part of the message,If invoked with aYou will be prompted The message is copied into aHowever, only ( vm-yank-message-other-folder ) will work; all theResent-To header will be added, which you can fill in withMail will only be sent toIn that case the To and CcWith MIME compositionMIME encode it as necessary.VM will ask you for the name of the file, Inline display usually meansAttachment, when used as aYou must not kill theYou can scroll through the messageTyping q in thisThis is useful if you use. PGP and want to sign a message before sending it. VM will encodeC-c C-c and be confident that VM won't invalidate the signatureOr if you wantThe default isSome machines will refuseIts value shouldThere is an old convention of prependingIts value should be a string to prependThe variableThis attribution is a lineIf non- nil, the value ofSee section Summaries. AIn-Reply-To header that is inserted into the header section of the replyIts value should be a list ofMail mode buffer. The forwarded message encapsulated as specified by theRecognized values are. If the variableThe forwarded messageAlso, vm-send-digest canSee section Message Marks. When appliedAll the messages included in the digest willIf the value ofInstead of encapsulating the message, VMC-c as usual to send the message. The resent message will be flaggedFolders areVM does no locking of folders whenIf n is negative, the current message and the previous n-1 The value of this variable should be aIf the resultingIt is safe toIf the result of evaluating folder-name is a list, then the list willA non- nil value makesThe default value is t, which meansNote that the matching of header names isThe message can beEmacs would visit any other file and the message appended to thatThe variable vm-visit-when-saving A value of t causes VM to alwaysA nil value causes VMIn this case VM will notIf the value of vm-visit-when-saving isThe variable vm-delete-after-archiving Messages thatIf invoked with aBy default, the entire message is used. If invoked with one C-u the text portion of the message is used. If invoked with two C-u 's the header portion of the message is used. If the shell command generates any output, it is displayed in a. The message itself is not altered.This makes sense if you plan to use VM to read mail archivesThe messages are not removedA prefix argument n A negative n causes the current message and the previous n-1 A prefix argument n A negative n causes the current message and the previous n-1 VM to move past the messages after flagging them for deletion. SettingNote that the movement is done by calling vm-next-message whichThe currentThe default is Text mode.If you want to quit the editCertain VM commands can beAn asteriskPrefix arguments work as withSee section Virtual Folders.See section Threading.The next VMVarious VM commands set and unset theseYou will be prompted in theConsecutiveAny intervening commandThey can have anyLabels are added withBABYL format folders use labels to. When visiting a. BABYL folder VM uses these labels also in order to be compatible with. If (and only if) you are using BABYL formatIn order forA value of nil meansThe autosave fileSee section Crash Recovery. A positive integer value n instructs VM to writeThe default valueBy default the actual order of the messages in the folder is notVM numbers and presents the messagesIf you want the message order to beA normalized A nil value means VM should not ignoreThe default is to move the currentThe value ofThreading is the process ofIn the summary buffer relatedParent messages are displayed before their children and children areThe amount of indentation per level is controlled by theIn-Reply-To, and Subject headers. The first two headers are moreIf you don't want VM to use Subject headers, set the variableThe original digest message is not altered, and the messages extractedVM is pretty smartThe information in the summary isA value that is not nil and notYou can change what the summary arrow looksYou should set this variable before VM creates the summary buffer.This string shouldIf a full name cannot be found, the corresponding address is usedThe next character in the formatVM will call the functionThe functionThe function should return a string, which VM will insert intoThe field width may beIf the string is longer than this value, itIf you would rather see the recipientThis variable's value,See section Starting Up.If you set vm-follow-summary-cursor You can have aA virtual folder can also contain aIn order to visit aThis is the name by which you and VM will refer to this folder.If FOLDER-NAME is aA fully specified date looks like this:You can leave out any part and it willA fully specified date looks like this:You can leave out any part and it willSame as the unreplied selector.Same as the unread selector.Once you'veIf you use S Similarly if you use g If any of the retrieved messages are matched by the virtualFor example, if you delete a messageThis should be done in your VM init file and you should useInside each frame you can associate different window setups withThis is the default. IfIf vm-mutable-windows is set to nil, VMVM will create a new frame and display that folder in the newWhen you quit the folderWhen you finish editing theA mouse initiatedThat commandIf these conditions are metIf so, then VM willIf you don't want VM to search otherThen use theType the name of theNext a classNot all commands are in commandIf such a class configuration is found it is used. If noSo if you prefer for the cursor to be inYou will be prompted for theThe default. Do not make vm-window-configuration-file point to the sameBy default theMicrosoft Windows.To configure what buttons are displayed on the toolbar, you mustIf non- nil, the value ofThis command will save the currentThis command is normally just anIf you want the Compose button to This command is normally just anIf you want the File button to This command is normally just anIf you want the. Get Mail button to This command normally just runsClicking on this button runs the commandThis command is normally just anThis command is normally just anIf you want the Next button to This command is normally just anIf you want the Previous button to This command is normally just anIf you want the. Print button to This command is normally just anIf you want the Quit button to This command is normally just anIf you wantThis command is normally just anIf you want the Visit button to This variable should already be setBy default VM puts aIf you don't want this menu, set theThe symbols and the order in which they are listedValid symbol values are:On that menubar you will findYou can visit aSee section Message Marks.This allows you to use standard Emacs faces, or to create yourThis variable isThe XEmacs highlight-headers package is used instead. See theSearching for URLs in aSince URLs often occur nearThe variableIf vm-url-search-limit has a positive numeric value N, VM If you click on aFrom header, button-3 pops up a menu of actions that can be taken For instance,Otherwise the normal VM modeContext sensitive menus are produced when that button is clicked.Here is a list of the hooks and when theyWhen the hooks are run, theWhen the hooks are run, theWhen the hooks are run, theWhen the hooks are run,When the hooks areVM runs this hook and thenVM runs this hook and then runs vm-mail-mode-hook before leavingVM runs this hookVM runs this hook andIt doesn't matter if the folder buffer already exists, this hookIt is not run after vm-mode is called.When the hooks are run, theThis is the last thing vm-edit-message does before leaving youThis is the last thing VMThese hook functions should generally be used to set key bindingsSupported for backward compatibility. You should use the new name.The current buffer will be that buffer when the hooks are run.Supported for backward compatibility. You should use the new name.The current buffer will be that buffer when the hooks are run.Presentation buffers are used to displayThis applies to any VM quit command.When the hooks are run, the current buffer will be the summary buffer.The hooks are expectedIf you use display hooks, you should not use VM's builtin windowWhen the hooks are run, theThe hooks are expected to do the work of removing the buffer fromIf you use undisplay hooks, you should not use VM's builtinA copy of the current messageThe normal workThe hooks are run after confirming that you want to send theThe value of this hook is a list of functions to be run. EachSee the documentation for vm-yank-message to see when VM will runEach hook function can find the citation between (point) and (mark t). And each hook function should leave point and mark around the citationIf this hook is entirely empty, i.e. nil, a default action is takenEveryone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copiesBy contrast, the GNU General Public. License is intended to guarantee your freedom to share and change freeGeneral Public License applies to most of the Free Software. Foundation's software and to any other program whose authors commit toThese restrictions translate to certain responsibilities for you if youActivities other than copying, distribution and modification are notProgram (independent of having been made by running the Program). Whether that is true depends on what the Program does.You may charge a fee for the physical act of transferring a copy, andLicense. (Exception: if the Program itself is interactive butBut when youThus, it is not the intent of this section to claim rights or contestIn addition, mere aggregation of another work not based on the ProgramSections 1 and 2 above provided that you also do one of the following:For an executable work, complete sourceHowever, as aIf distribution of executable or object code is made by offeringAny attemptHowever, parties who have received copies, or rights, from you underThese actions areTherefore, byProgram), you indicate your acceptance of this License to do so, andProgram), the recipient automatically receives a license from theYou may not impose any furtherYou are not responsible for enforcing compliance by third parties toIf you cannotLicense and any other pertinent obligations, then as a consequence youFor example, if a patentIf any portion of this section is held invalid or unenforceable underIt is not the purpose of this section to induce you to infringe anyMany people have madeThis section is intended to make thoroughly clear what is believed toIn such case, this License incorporatesSuch new versions willEach version is given a distinguishing version number. If the ProgramSoftware Foundation. If the Program does not specify a version number ofFoundation.For software which is copyrighted by the Free. Software Foundation, write to the Free Software Foundation; we sometimesOur decision will be guided by the two goalsIt is safestCopyright (C) 19 yy name of author This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the. GNU General Public License for more details. You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public LicenseFoundation, Inc., 675 Mass Ave, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA.Gnomovision comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY; for detailsOf course, theTy Coon, President of VicePublic License instead of this License. Internet Engineering Task Force. The mail folder is a text file consistingThe beginning of each message isThe leading separator line in VM folderVM first saw the message. The format of the individual messages is as perSo, no trailing separator lineThe variable vm-folder-type Upon revisiting theThis header lists all the messages that haveVM refrains from retrieving theseThis header lists messages that have beenOnly the messagesHowever, itThe method for accessing the serverA vector of data for accessing the serverFor the ’pop access method, that is allA boolean flag indicating whether theIf the current folder is virtual,A list of all the virtual folder buffersAn a-list containing all the folderWhen the virtualSummary buffer gets killed for any reason, the value of this variableTherefore, mostSo, in the middle of code, thisThe message Presentation buffer of theThis seems to be a copy of theIts purpose is unknown.A sublist of vm-message-list starting fromSo, the first element ofWhenever the cursor is moved, theThe message struct of the message whichList of external messages whoseThe number of messages inAn attempt is made to keep this below thePresentation buffer:VM periodically checks if there is newA list of undo records describing theA pointer into theIt contains theMAILDROP specification of the server folder.The Emacs process being used to communicate with the server for thisThe UIDVALIDITY value of the IMAP folder.A boolean flag indicating whether the folder is writable.A boolean flag indicating whether the folder allows deletions.A boolean flag indicating whether the folder allows the BODYPEEK The list of permananet flags that have been stored in the folder.The number of messages in the folder.The number of messages in the folder that are considered “recent” by theThe number of messages present in the folder when messages were lastThe list of UID’s and flags of the messages in the folder,An obarray that binds all the UIDs of messages in the folder to theirAn obarray that binds all the UIDs of messagesSo, any updates will be shared through both the views. The two obarrays,The reason for their separation is historical.The data is organized into fourEvery folder buffer or folder-likeThe location data is normally expected toHowever, this condition isPresentation buffer.

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