the unofficial guide to online investing

the unofficial guide to online investing

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the unofficial guide to online investingI made this complete basic boxing guide for all beginner boxers, filled with explanations, pictures, videos, and links to more detailed guides. Please share it with other aspiring boxers and fighters. Boxing is a great workout, perhaps the most challenging of all sports. Requires speed, agility, finesse, power, endurance, and ultimate mental toughness. Boxing pushes you like no other, pitting the finest and highest level athletes against each other. It’s a sweet science but at the same time also a raw and brutal sport. Boxing makes you more alive than ever, more humble in defeat, and most glorious in victory. Boxing reveals the true fighter deep inside every single one of us. You’re well covered in this stance with both hands ready to attack easily. More advanced fighters will use different boxing stances for more advanced body movements and counter-punching opportunities. This type of movement may seem difficult at first because many people have a habit of always jumping off the ground. In boxing, you want to keep your feet down on the ground so you’re always ready to attack, defend, or move away. Also, jumping around is a huge waste of energy. The flashy footwork will come naturally once you develop better conditioning and technique. Step with the lead foot and drag the rear foot. This stepping and dragging boxing footwork technique ensures that your weight is grounded and always ready to attack or defend. It also prevents you from walking or crossing your feet which can make you fall off balance. It’s usually done by pivoting off your front foot. You can use it defensively to avoid attacks, or offensively to find new punching angles. A pivot can be useful for counter-punching by taking you out of harm’s way and still keep you in range to throw counter punches. You tighten your fist at the moment of impact and then relax the hand to throw more punches. The trick is to utilize your entire body weight behind the punch without falling off balance.

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Skills and experience will teach you over time. Later on, you will be able to throw many different variations of punches from different positions and develop your own punching technique to fit your style. It can attack, defend, counter, score points, make space, and many other things. It’s your longest, fastest punch, uses the least energy, and leaves you the least vulnerable. A boxing trainer will usually tell you that every combo must start with the jab. It’s a fast punch that stuns your opponent just long enough for the big punches to land. It’s uncommon to see a “right hook” because it would likely be blocked by their opponent’s left shoulder. Bend your knees and waist if you want to throw a cross to the body. When combined, the jab and right cross become known as the basic but incredibly useful 1-2 combination. It comes from a side angle making it tricky to defend when an opponent is expecting straight punches. It’s also common for knockouts because the punch turns the head and easily makes opponents dizzy. You can throw left hooks to the head with your fist horizontal or vertical; for a beginner, I recommend you to use the ones that feels most natural. The “liver shot” (located under your right ribs) is known to be incredibly painful and has led to many body shot knockouts. Body shots typically take the wind out of you and kill your legs, hampering your ability to move. A well-placed body shot can momentarily paralyze your legs and keep you from standing even if you’re conscious and still willing to fight. It’s more powerful than the jab, comes fast, and can be quite unexpected. The only risk is that you have to be closer to your opponent and your left shoulder is not up to defend against your opponent’s rights. It’s very powerful to throw at the head or body. The greatest risk is that you’re dropping your right hand and exposing yourself to a counter left hook. Learn the punch numbering system below and then try out all the basic combinations. You can throw these combinations in shadowboxing, on the bags, the mitts, or even in sparring. Every seasoned boxer will have mastered these combinations as second nature. You can throw whatever punches you want in whatever order you want. There are definitely SOME guidelines, such as throwing fast feeler punches (like the jab) before you commit to the hard shots that leave you open longer. It’s also more natural to alternate punches between your right and left hand but also a good idea to throw double lefts and double rights to confuse your opponent. The first thing a beginner boxer needs to learn is how to block. Blocking is the easiest way to stay in punching range without getting hurt. And for beginners, blocking is the safest way because it closes off the punching angles. Once you’ve mastered blocking, then you can move on to the more advanced stuff like parrying, rolling, and slipping. The main benefits of more advanced defense techniques is that they allow you to defend yourself without using your hands, this way your hands are free to punch back! No need to do anything fancy, or get confused about where to place your hand. Pull your hands to your face, or pull your elbows to your body. You will always be attacking and defending simultaneously so you will need to combine your offensive and defensive boxing skills. For a beginner, this easiest way to counter is to block first and then counter immediately after. Jabs can be countered by simultaneously throwing another punch, or blocking first and then countering. The tricky part is figuring out how. For now, you should focus on the easier counters for beginners that don’t require high-level defensive movements. There you would only have to follow instructions from the more experienced guys and eventually customize routines to fit your needs. Now if these options aren’t available to you, here’s what I would recommend. Do not go around punching a heavy bag without hand protection, as this will likely screw up your wrist and injure you quickly. You should be wearing handwraps everytime that you plan to put on boxing gloves. It will be filled with your sweat and your nasty odor. You can get away with one pair but it’s probably better to cycle between 2 or 3 pairs depending on how often you train. And then it gets annoying when you want to train but somebody else is using “your” gloves. Or you arrive at the gym heartbroken one day to find “your” gloves ripped open with the wrist strap torn off. At which point, you’ll realize it’s best to have your own training gloves, because it smells better, has newer padding, and always available when you need it. If you can afford to have a second pair, get 12oz or 14oz for when you want to do some speed work on the heavy bag or double-end bag. (For sparring, always use 16oz.) Smaller guys, women, or kids (below 120lbs) can train with 14oz gloves or less but otherwise I highly recommend the 16oz standard. I don’t know why there are still people out there who think it’s ok to spar without mouthguard. Possible consequences: A) you lose a tooth because the impact lands perfectly on one tooth instead of dispersing itself over your jaw. B) You injure your jaw (making you weak-chinned for a long time) because the lower jaw swings freely and isn’t secured against the upper jaw. Higher likelihood of concussion for you. C) You bite your tongue. I’ve actually bitten STRAIGHT THROUGH my tongue once. Imagine how painful it is to give yourself a tongue piercing with your own teeth. Unless it’s molded to your teeth, it won’t give you the maximum amount of protection. Also, people bleed on their mouthpieces all the time and you might get someone else’s disease (i.e. hepatitis, aids, herpes, etc).However for a beginner just learning how to box and testing the waters, the following equipment may or may not be required. Do what you can with what you have. It’ll fit you better and always be available instead of always being used or draped with somebody else’s sweat. The padding will be a lot better since it’s not being used by 30 other people. Headgear is ALWAYS a must when you’re sparring; don’t go without it. This is due to their superior grip and slim material which increases your agility. You’ll not only feel better but move a whole lot better. There is no other equipment that can improve your boxing ability faster than simply putting on a pair of boxing shoes. My favorite brands are Nike and Adidas. Everlast and Rival are also ok. Title, I don’t like so much. You’ll likely need EVERYTHING to be a successful boxer but if you’re not going to compete, then it doesn’t really matter anyway. The people and environment you surround yourself with have a great effect on your self growth. Training with trainers and better fighters will improve your skill level quickly. Training by yourself or with lower level fighters will slow your progress. With that said, being in a gym and working with a trainer is the best way to go. It will be tough and scary and out of your comfort zone but it will make you a better fighter! Boxing, like many other endeavors, is a thousand times more fun when done with others. Trying to box without a partner is like learning how to play chess all by yourself. You’d be imagining all sorts of irrelevant possibilities only to lose later when you finally face a live opponent. If you don’t like taking forever, get a partner so you can progress exponentially. It will probably be tons of fun for you at first because you’ve never had a chance to exert all your energy like that. Eventually you’ll move on to bigger and better things but for a beginner, the heavy bag is plenty of fun. I highly recommend this as a complement or even a substitute for the heavy bag, especially for higher-skilled boxers. The jump rope is a common way to warm-up, workout, or warm down for boxers. The speed bag is absolutely crucial for serious boxers but not truly necessary for recreational ones. If you have access to one, great. Having a ring helps limit the area so neither you or your opponent can run out of range. It also forces you to develop long range as well as close range fighting skills. On a more psychological level, being in a ring forces you to confront your opponent without any option to quit. It might be too easy for the natural athletes but also too hard for others. Do what you can and work your way up. If something feels hard to do, then you know you need to do it more. If something hurts, STOP. Last but not least, TAKE YOUR REST. Don’t be a noob and train until you’re completely sore and injured. No intelligent athlete does that, only noobs (because they don’t know how to be productive other than to completely exhaust themselves). Common Sense Boxing Diet It’s natural for people to start doubting themselves at their first major failure. You start to wonder if boxing is even for you. Or maybe you feel like you’ve reached a plateau and can’t get any better. Here are some guides to help you overcome these mental challenges. How do I fight like Floyd Mayweather? Here’s the thing, there really is no such thing as a “fighting style” or even “the best style”. The only style that has ever mattered is YOUR NATURAL STYLE. Which is to do things the most natural and easy way for you. In fact you don’t even have to think about style. Just keep improving your boxing technique, training, and strategy over time—and your “style” will be a result of that. What matters is that you win, not the way you look. A tall guy might find it easiest to fight tall. A short guy might find it easiest to find short. Mike Tyson fights the way he does because it’s the easiest way for him. He throws hard punches because he’s already a strong dude, it doesn’t take extra effort for him to BE strong. If you want to do that, you have to develop your footwork to the point that it’s easy. Otherwise, trying to be Ali when you don’t have his skills nor conditioning will only waste energy. All the best fighters you see have their distinct style because they found the easiest way for THEMSELVES to be successful. And you will have to find the EASIEST way (not the flashiest) for YOU to be successful. That’s nonsense. Your skills, physicality, and mentality will change over time and so will your style. Your style will continue to evolve as new movements and new approaches in fighting become more natural to you. But this only happens if you focus on yourself instead of trying to copy somebody else. It’s good to find inspiration elsewhere, BUT FOCUS ON YOURSELF! Sparring can very quickly become a dangerous thing for untrained wannabes. These things actually do happen. Boxing is not a game; it’s a serious sport. Go slow and work your way up to full speed, this is the only safe way to learn something. Go easy, go slow. If it hurts, then you’re going to fast. If one of you is flinching, then you’re going to fast. I recommend to shadowbox fight against each other first (mimic a fight without contacting), then going jabs only, before throwing all punches possible. It’s also a good idea to start with 2 minutes rounds at first. Getting tired fast doesn’t mean you suck, it’s a natural thing that happens to many fighters especially if they’re not used to the stress of fighting. You can use this in hard sparring or even in a fight. The goal is to score some points without leaving yourself completely open. You can get very far if you do this right. See how he moves and see where he’s open. Learn about him and hit him without committing too much energy. Save your energy for the later rounds. Start throwing harder punches, and fight back without being reckless. Keep your back off the ropes and remember to throw punches or else you’ll end up as a punching bag. Throw your most effective punches, as many as you can. Be aggressive but not reckless. It’s the last round so work as hard as you can. Empty your tank before the bell rings. It’s not a complete guide by any means. Ultimately, you will have to improve your conditioning and technique to improve your fighting ability. As your boxing skills develop, so will your ability to handle different kinds of opponents. And even then, there will always be someone who easily negates your style. The goal is to avoid his punches without using more energy them him. You need to tire out so you can attack him when his punches don’t hurt as much. That means to use fast punches, not power punches. Use many many fast punches and you’ll eventually catch him. Once you do, you can try more powerful shots. Try to get to his side or behind him before you attack, don’t just stand in front of him or you’ll get hit by a counter. Take your time, there’s no rush since he’s not throwing anything. You have no time to think, so all you can do is fire back and hopefully you don’t get tired before he does. Be smart and aim with good punches. Come closer to him to take away his punching space or use a solid guard to block many of his punches. Make sure you fire back to at least keep the fight even or you’ll end up as a punching bag. Try to trade punches and see if you can get them to tire out. The goal is to get into range without getting hit or using too much energy. A good idea is to aim for the chest to force him to block there, then go for the head or the stomach. Make sure you ask for tips from everybody.How to Hit a Heavy Bag How to Find Your Dominant Hand The body punching guide will come later. Is there a difference if i exhale through my mouth? When you exhale through the nose, it’s easier to exhale more air and have to inhale sooner. Thanks Johnny Keep up the awesome work! John Is there anyway we can make donations to your website. I know you have your shopping section, but still I’d insist on contributing some other way. Please send me an email is on the contact link (bottom of the website) and I can give you my paypal address from there. I’m really flattered. Thank you. Could you explain this? The thing is: pros look much more slick at it. When pros do the step-drag, it looks effortless and natural. And so if you’re watching a pro fight, you won’t notice the step-drag because you’re looking for the BEGINNER’s step-drag. That aside, I am curious how often you run across trainees that, after a few months, develop lower inner shin splints from the combination of jumping rope and jogging 5-6 days a week (my current issue). I chose to take two months off for the holiday season to rest up as well as using the money saved for Christmas. Back to my main point, I thought I could work through the shin splints (more irritable on left than right) but this proved to be a mistake. I followed the R-I-C-E proceedures and it didn’t help much. We have a foam-rubber padded floor at my gym and I wear my runners unless I’m getting in the ring. Prior to boxing, I hadn’t been doing hardly any physical activity. I am 5’8, 155lbs., and 31 years old. Is this just a case of too much too soon. Any information or suggestions would be great because I don’t want to stop.I used to get shin splints all the time in track and field. But that will stretch you I really wish you lived in Australia so I could come and train at your gym hahaha For about a year now I’ve also been doing morning sessions 4-5 times a week, and my training has been geared towards amateur comps for about a year too.My diet is pretty damn good and I get decent amounts of sleep every night. It has begun to feel like I’m not tough enough anymore, that I need rest because I’m not cut out for boxing. I’m in my early 20’s too, so I don’t think my age should be affecting me yet. Have you felt the same way before, and if so how did you push past it? One week I noticed that I was tiring out and not able to perform as well as usual. I consulted my coach who discretely obseverd me that day. Before I left, he asked how my water intake was because he noticed I was hardly sweating despite my usual efforts. I told him that I hadn’t really been paying attention to it. He informed me that I should be taking in about a gallon (just under 4 litres) a day. I followed his advice and was doing much better the next week. Learn to cycle your training and give yourself breaks. The breaks give you time to realize things and your muscles to come back stronger. Now i started again and even though i am a very fit guy, with more punching power, speed and stamina than most of my opponents, i still get my ass kicked in every fight, and my trainer doesn’t even bother trying to correct me because he thinks that i’m too old for boxing.Otherwise, you have no choice but to continue getting beat up or go to a new gym.That’s pretty ridiculous. Bernard Hopkins started at 26, and look at him. I would say, ignore what your so-called “coach” says and keep on moving. Or better yet, find another gym. Don’t cover your eyes for Pete’s sake. Trying to stay inside (or anywhere) without being able to see your opponent is asking for a knockout. If you’re going to try and fight in the pocket you just have to start throwing punches and use your superior punching power etc. Try to relax and don’t freeze when you’re being punched at. Look for openings. Remember, every time he punches he leaves an opening, so take advantage of it! My heavybag was hung between two trees and my speedbag platform was attached to the Clothes line (when people used to hang clothes to dry). We had a 14?14 concrete slab that I would invite all my buddies to so we could spar. I also sparred with my dad alot. It doesn’t matter where you come from, no excuses, if it’s in you you will find a way to make it work for you. It has not been easy but growing up in a small town is no excuse not to follow your dreams. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen. Isn’t working the bag the same as working on drills.Sorry, English is not my main language,i learn it at school so i can’t understand some terms. My point is to focus more on the skill aspect. I think the biggest problem with the scoring system is corruption, not necessarily the scoring system itself. Whatever rules the organization uses, it has to abide by them. If they’re going for points, then they better count the points. If they’re going for effective aggression (like in professional boxing), then they better abide by that. No scoring system is going to solve the problem of corruption and politics but we’ll see. My coach says im way farther than most beginners but i still have a lot to work on. One of the things is being able to punch through my target and my whole misunderstanding of power in my combination punches. The next thing is, should i be utilizing power in every punch for a combination or should i use it for the one punch i feel i can tag him with?. Because you’re a beginner, I’ll give you beginner advice. You can throw power punches in combinations only if they land. If even one misses, you’ll probably swing off target. Which means you should only throw a hard power shot when you know for sure it’s going to land. Otherwise, committing to a big shot could leave you vulnerable. Is going to a boxing gym the only option? Thanks! If you want a skilled sparring partner who can push your limits and teach you things, then you’re most likely to find them in numbers at a boxing gym. MMA gyms are another option. My heavybag was hung between two trees and my speedbag platform was attached to the Clothes line (when people used to hang clothes to dry). It has not been easy but growing up in a small town is no excuse not to follow your dreams. If you want it bad enough, you will find a way to make it happen. I know there is no excuse for someone to not pursue their dream. As long as I am alive and I have a dream to follow, I’m not willing to give up. Manuel Marquez The gym always has the same people, all of them are pro mma fighters and no true boxers. There are virtually no beginners, just the same 5-6 pro mma guys. The owner is still fighting and is in his late 30’s so he trains with them. Sparring isnt an issue but im not learning anything new. Basically im seen as another guy in the gym, more so a new kid. All i do is go in and hit the bag, there are no classes, and the supposed head boxing coach always looks at what i do and laughs. I ask him what am i doing wrong and he says sarcastically “nothing”. Should i continue this little game or part ways and find a better gym. I have been on the prowl for a good gym that actually teaches for 2 years and no dice. Im in Georgia. If there’s nothing else in your area, you’ll have to move elsewhere. Look up the local amateur boxing shows and see where the teams are located. I am 6’3 100kg. I am working on my jab and standing tall which is giving me great results against the smaller faster more skillful guys but isn’t reaping any rewards when I spar with bigger heavyweights ( i still get owned by big powerful jabs) Maybe he means a tall fighter’s style. I recommend heavyweights to do all the same drills as any boxer. Watch Lennox Lewis spar and you’ll see he’s a very big but still very agile guy. I have been a big fan for boxing for over 3 years now and have been trying to get involved in the sports for this time and have been struggling.Keep looking around at local clubs, maybe the MMA ones. You might also want to check out my boxing course “How to Box in 10 Days”. It would be a good fit for someone like you. I think they are really great and has inspired me to get into boxing. I use to be really into weight lifting working out 5 days a week 1 hour a day. I use to workout at home never wanted to join a gym because of it being crowded and expensive to join, but now I’m bored of lifting and can’t motivate myself to get back into it. I’m wanting to try something new and get into MMA. I’m interested more so in boxing because I like how boxers are so quick on their feet and so good with their hands then other styles of stand up, and the fact that I can’t kick that high. I’m not doing this to go pro or anything but more so for a workout and staying in shape. For that reason I’m also not wanting to join a gym but get the necessary equipment to workout at home. I was wondering if you do any workouts at home and if you could write an article or video of the equipment you would need to do so. Also if you could do videos of a full one round of your workout. Videos that shows one round on heavy bag, speed bag, double end bag, shadow boxing and etc.Kind of like a workout dvd and your our own trainer for us who want to do this at home for a workout. I know that’s a lot to ask and i’m sure your busy enough as it is but I think it would be great idea and a lot of people would be interested. Thank you again keep up the good work. When im told to snap the jab out i just naturally load up to speed my punches up and having trouble loosing this bad habit? Boxing is hard! Learn to relax by doing more slow relaxed shadowboxing. Watch it out here: I thought when I heard the name it was that, but I wasn’t sure. I do that when I throw like a stepping jab or a lunging hook. Is that a bad habit. I always find more power that way. Thanks Man! A bad habit is when you don’t realize you’re doing something and that the thing you’re doing is giving you a different effect than what you were going for. Thanks very much. I want to train my midsection. Do you have any tips how to train my midsection that is functional to boxing. I started training this year and I really enjoy boxing. How I wish I was 10 years younger. I am 28 yrs when I started to have a formal training in this sport. Thanks and God bless. All core exercises are pretty functional to boxing. Some more so than others. I wear them myself and my optometrist says they’re perfect for that. Calisthenics are more important for beginners. I was wondering if u have any advice for me because I am really skinny n really want to bulk up thnx again!! If you want to bulk up, be a bodybuilder. Also, there aren’t many boxing gyms and good equipments since boxing isn’t popular in Vietnam, what am I supposed to do for the time being. I’m 17 by the way. Keep improving what you can do and go from there. Good luck, Kim! I’m over 40 and if fairly good shape but I’m wondering what to look for in a boxing trainer for two girls ?? Love your site and have already learned a lot. Keep up the great work! Preferably, find one with other women in it. Good luck, Becky. You’ll both have fun. It makes me feel slow when I hear ringside commentators that have NEVER fought, much less sparred explain BOTH fighters every move down to the last detail. Any tips on attention? After you’ve felt certain things in the ring, you’ll know how to look for them when you’re outside the ring. Don’t worry about the TV commentators. Most of them are just guys with journalism or communication degrees or hookups and have probably never been in the ring. They only mention the obvious details and don’t commentate the way fighters would when they talk to each other. I am 57 years old and my son recently dragged home a heavy bag and so I have gotten hooked on working out with it. I have been working out for a bit under a month and am up to about 25 rounds per week. I am working on snapping my jabs, keeping my hands up and learning hand speed. Soon I am going to try adding combinations. I usually throw thirty left and right jabs per round along with some rapid intervals. I am trying to pays arrention to head and feet movement too. I augment my boxing with training for a road race (10K). Right now I am focused on learning technique rather than power. I am not sure where I want to take the boxing but it does help with confidence and conditioning. Any additional advice for an old but game guy. Thanks again. Your videos are wonderful teaching tools! Keep boxing! And I think I can fight. Lol. Yea ok. No training for boxing at all. What am I gettin myself onto. I guess you gotta start somewhere. Get my feet wet. It’s a competition on seeking potential boxers. Whoever competes good will be considered to training. Well. Here goes Johnny the experts videos. I’ll put all the advice in effect. Not the right way to go about it, but It’s your call, bro. Good luck. With that said, learning at home without a trainer would be 10 times slower compared to someone training at a gym. I learned so much from this. This will help me become better in boxing. I’ve spent the last few days reading as much as I can and I’ve fallen in love with boxing. I knew boxers were fit but I’ve only appreciated HOW FIT after a few days working the bag with simple jab and cross combos (thanks so much for the videos on stance, footwork and pivoting; my throws are weak and slow but I’m building it up bit by bit), bodyweight exercises and jumping rope (I learned how to jump rope a few years ago but haven’t used it consistently). I got my ass handed to me with 50 (yes 50!) push-ups. So much for benching big! I’ve ditched the toy gloves and ordered a decent pair along with a double end bag and started looking around for local boxing gyms. It’s certainly one of the most challenging exercises you’ve ever tried. Keep working at it. I am very new in boxing and I could say I am extremely enjoying it. ?? Thanks, Thesa. ?? It’s very tiring and heavy on my back leg. Do you have any tips since the pictures look like you planted your feet. Look forward to your response Nathan It’s far more work.

hyuk GR


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Create an ad

We do accept yacht charter professionals if those two conditions are respected:

The pricing of rental offer have to be lower to the pricing displayed on your website or in your agency/office.

Your company or website may not be mentioned at any time: not in the description, not in your photos, and not in the exchange of messages with potential boat renters.

If you make your yacht available for charter with you or a qualified person on board, the charter will be considered to be "with skipper".

If you make your yacht available for charter without skipper, the boat renter will be responsible for steering the yacht.

You may also make your yacht available for charter "with or without skipper," letting the renter choose if he wants to have a skipper on board or not (depending on the renter's preference and navigational experience.

I remember you the simple steps to create a boat rental offer:

1. Register you account as boat owner on Airynb site.

2. Register your boats on Airynb site

3. Insert a boat rental offer for every boat with calendar and price.

Boat renter communicate with you through "send message" button in the rental offer filling in the Airynb contact form. Remenber that you deal directly with the future boat renter.

You will pay a token for every day that your rental offer will be present in Airynb site. The value of the token depends from the number of your boat's feet.

When the boat renter will accept your boat rental offer you will delete the rental offer for that period on Airynb site. From that moment you will not pay more.

Airynb will notify you well in advance when the token payment will be active. From now until then you will pay nothing to enter your boat rental offers.

Charter Request

To offer a discount or make a personalized offer to a boat renter, you can do it directly dealing with the boat renter.

You will be able to share contact information, email and phone numbers with the boat renter.
The first time will be when the boat renter will send you a message via the Airynb contact form by replying to one of your boat rental offers.
When you will receive your message you will be in contact with the boat renter and from that moment you can exchange email and phone numbers.

You have to register on Airynb site. You click on "access", click on "create account" and fill in all the information.
a. select "I am boat owner"
b. insert email and phone number
c. insert name and surname
You will receive an email to the communicated email in the registration, click on the URL and from that moment you are registered on Airynb site.
After it you join the Airynb community. Please recommend it to friends or family. Click on the links you find on the Airynb site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Linkedin, Youtube and Pinterest.

Yes, your personal information is secured.

Our website uses the highest security standards to assure your security. All the information present on Airy&b are secured. The site is verified by a SSL certificate.

To modify your password, go to "My Account" and then "Profile". Once you are on your profile, click on "Edit my Password".