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the writers ultimate research guideAs famed writer Wallace Stegner once said, America’s national parks are “the best idea we ever had.” And with warmer weather approaching, now’s the time to start planning a hike around the national or state park nearest you. Pull on your hiking boots, grab a water bottle, and visit one of the best hiking trails in the U.S. for your next active adventure. Explore canyons, visit waterfalls, and take in breathtaking landscapes on these 18 best hikes in the U.S. Related: More adventure travel The area is a nature-lover's paradise with visitors often spotting bald eagles, sockeye salmon, and black bear cubs. Visitors can choose to hike through dense forests and meadows, explore caves, or even venture on a wooden “boardwalk” trail through swampy bogs, called muskegs. With more than 700 miles of trails, hikers need never see the same sights twice. The Nugget Falls trail provides incredible views of the waterfall and the glacier, and it's a relatively easy, 2-mile hike. The park also has more than 500 miles of hiking trails, including 101 miles of the Appalachian Trail, which you can hike a small section of for a day hike. Each trail offers something new, including waterfalls, viewpoints, and deep forests. Mount Rainier rises 14,410 feet above sea level straight into the clouds. But the summit of the mountain isn’t the only hiking opportunity in the park. The park has more than 260 miles of maintained trails that lead visitors through peaceful old-growth forest, river valleys, and subalpine meadows. Check out the Burroughs Mountain hike for stunning views of Mount Rainer and the alpine landscape. The park has miles of official and backcountry trails with views of waterfalls and old-growth forests. Take the hike to Charlies Bunion via the Appalachian Trail for beautiful views of the mountains and forest. The hike is incredibly popular, so visit early to beat the crowds.

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The trek takes hikers through streams and hills and provides stunning views of the crystal blue oceans surrounding the island. The park has miles of hiking, and those strong enough to make it to the top are rewarded with stunning views of Boulder from above. You can start with the Chautauqua Trail, which offers views of the Flat Irons and Boulder, before moving onto more challenging trails. The park suggests visitors arrive early in the morning for sightings of geese and ducks on the banks of the river, and later in the afternoon to catch a glimpse of a beautiful blue heron perched on a rock in the river. If you look closely, you may even spot a cougar or two. Many of the hikes at Red Rock Canyon are labeled as difficult, and it can take upward of 4 to 5 hours to complete just a 5-mile hike. Along the different routes, hikers and visitors can try and spot the desert wildlife, including lizards, toads, and hawks soaring above. Even though it's short, the Petroglyph Wall Trail is a must-do to see the 800-year old historical rock art. The park has a plethora of hiking options, including easy vista point hikes at the canyon’s edge (like the South Rim Trail) and expert-only hikes from rim to rim. The canyon provides stunning views for miles above the rim and sights that must be seen at the base, where the Colorado River rages through. The park remains open year-round, but it does experience limited closures in the harsh winter months. Check for hours of operation here. The park has several hikes, including more than a dozen options ranging from easy to difficult around Many Glacier, like the Grinnell Glacier Trail. The park is home to 71 species of mammals, from the tiny pygmy shrew to the majestic elk, and a variety of birds and reptiles for visitors to spot along the way. The park is home to hoodoos, which are odd-shaped pillars of rock left standing from the forces of erosion. In fact, Bryce Canyon has the largest collection of hoodoos in the world, and you can see them from the Rim Trail. Bryce Canyon offers hikes for all levels, including backcountry options for those looking for a little added adventure and moonlight tours for the night owl hikers. Hikers should attempt to visit for sunrise and sunset to snap breathtaking photos of sunlight splashing off the cliffs and into the rivers below. Try the Upper Emerald Pool Trail for an easy hike leading to sparkling waterfalls. In fact, the park has more than 300 miles of hiking, filled with wildflowers, wildlife, and wide open views — the Mount Ida Trail is one of the park's most popular trails. Along the way, expect to see various species of birds, reptiles, and perhaps even a bear or two. On the Point Lobos Loop Trail, hikers can experience views of the reserve and stunning ocean vistas. As a reserve dedicated to preserving the wild, visitors and hikers can expect pristine and untouched nature around every corner. Visitors, however, are warned on the national park’s site that this trail is exclusively for well-prepared and experienced hikers, as the elevation gain of 4,800 feet can feel overwhelming. In total, the hike usually takes between 10 and 12 hours to complete. Offers may be subject to change without notice. A large part of the trail is spent hiking on miles of extensive, white sandy beaches separated by spectacular indigenous forest. The reputation for being a tough hike is well deserved and the trail can be brutal when there is a lot of rain with slow progress over difficult terrain including pools of mud, ladders, bridges and cable cars. My GPS gave me a bit more distance everyday, there is definitely variation depending how much you walk on the beach and in the forest. The trail is hiked by many people in both directions, logistics and whether you want to start or finish with the difficult part of the trail are the main considerations. The world famous West Coast trail meanders through a spectacular mix of solitary rainforest, long sandy and rocky beaches and biodiverse rock pools, offering panoramic views and an unreal variety of fauna and flora. Keep your eyes on the ocean and you might spot grey whales, killer whales, seals or sea lions, in the forest keep a look out for black bears and cougars and don’t skip the fantastic tidal pools inhabited by starfish, sea urchins, barnacles, blue mussels, anemones, sea cucumbers and plenty more interesting animals. The West Coast Trail Trailheads How to do The West Coast Trail Which direction to hike The West Coast Trail Does it make a difference which direction you hike. Packing List for the West Coast Trail Toiletries Climbing more than 70 ladders, walking in the mud and kilometers on the beach carrying your tent and all your food and gear for a week is not easy. The weather plays a huge role and on dry days it was much easier than walking in the rain and mud. It is not impossible to do as a first multi-day backpacking trip, but is not recommended, the Juan de Fuca is more suitable. To get to the trailhead you walk from the Pacheedacht campground (5 min) and take a ferry crossing included in the registration fee. You can walk or order a taxi, from the Pachena Bay campground the staff can phone a taxi for you to town. I chose to do the difficult part first. The northern part is flatter with less mud and ladders. I walked the trail from the Gordon River trailhead (Port Renfrew) in the south to the Pachena Bay trailhead (Bamfield) in the north in 6 days and 5 nights walking 3 to 7 hours per day. I walked most parts possible to walk on the beach.It is possible to hike a shorter version of the West Coast Trail. A mid-point entrance at Nitinaht Narrows that is only accessible by water from Nitinaht Village, allows you to hike a shorter portion of the West Coast Trail. Travelling north from Nitinaht Narrows to Pachena Bay is the shortest option available to hike the West Coast Trail at 33 km in total. The trail can be reached by public transport or with your own vehicle. The West Coast Trail Express provides a shuttle bus service in season, May 1 to September 30, picking up and dropping off passengers at Victoria, Port Renfrew, Gordon River, Pachena Bay, Bamfield and Nanaimo. Nobody parks on the northern side at the Pachena Bay trailhead since the gravel road to the trailhead is not good and difficult to navigate, the two most common options are. To walk north from Gordon River and end at Pachena Bay, taking a shuttle bus with West Coast Trail Express back to your car at Gordon River. Go by taxi from Bamfield to Pachena Bay trailhead. The popular trail is fully booked for most of the season so there will be more or less the same number of people on the trail at all times. In June you have the longest daylight giving you nice long days. Mid July to early August is the driest period, it is just so much more fun to hike if it is dry, walking in wet shoes, pitching a tent in the rain and being in the rain and mud just gets miserable. The dry season is a great time to walk, this is the season with the most young people on the trail (summer holidays). I walked in September, it is a good time, but you can get some rain, also after the season the trail is a bit worn following the season (ladders, platforms and paths takes some strain). Many of the beaches may be underwater at high tide, there is however always an alternative trail in the forest. To not miss out on some spectacular parts of the trail plan your days with a tide table to walk on the beach. Sticking to the forest you are going to miss out on seeing orcas, whales, seals and more. The entrances from beach to forest trail are clearly marked with red buoys and there are signs that show at which tides certain beaches may not be accessible. A tide table from the Port Refrew and Bamfield area will show you when and how high tides will be. At the orientation you will receive a map and tide table. We found the tide info on the table below on the official BC trails map. Campsites do not have to be reserved. You can camp anywhere along the trail; you don’ t have to camp in a designated campsite, campsites work on a first come, first serve basis. At most campsites it is possible to camp on the beach, just make very sure you are above the high tide mark. Some of the campsites are in the forest, close to the beach. When it was raining I prefered pitching my tent in the forest over camping on the beach, getting less wet sand into my tent! Campfires are allowed on the West Coast Trail, but only on the beach. There is plenty of wood to make a fire, if you go during the rainy season some firelighters might make life easier. On the rainy days drying all my stuff next to the fire was awesome, trying to get that smoke smell out of some of my clothes after the hike was not easy! Our first campsite on the south side, Thrasher Cove, offer a great sunrise. You will stay in canvas wall tents with a wood burning stove with firewood, cots, a table and chairs, and an outdoor deck with great views of the Pacific Ocean. The Ditidaht First Nation maintain these facilities. If you start or end at Pachena Bay you can book a night at Huu-ay-aht First Nation’s Pachena Bay Campground, owned and operated by the Huu-ay-aht First Nation. Toilets are sustainable, long drop, compost toilets on a platform with a ladder. After using you throw in some wood chips that keep the smell down and helps in the composting. Don’t throw anything besides body fluids and your toilet paper in the toilets. The facilities were well maintained, but not as fancy as the long drop toilets in the neighbouring Juan de Fuca trail, this trail was free to do. We were very impressed by hiking the Juan de Fuca the toilets had hand sanitizer and toilet paper. There is no toilet paper on the West Coast Trail,remember to pack your own. Bear cash for food storage Bears hibernate in winter and from mid March through summer they leave their dens to find food. There is a lot of pair scat on the trail and you have a good chance of seeing them, for most tourists this is an exciting prospect. I only ran into one black bear on the trail, it was on the beach and I had to wait about 20 minutes for the bear to go back into the forest. I have often heard that a mom with cubs is dangerous, statistics however proves this theory passed as fact wrong, solitary males are responsible for the biggest portion of the few of bear attacks that take place. Off course these animals can be dangerous, but there has only been a handful of bear attacks in BC over the last 20 years. You have a much bigger chance of getting killed in a car accident on the way to the hike. Put your food and garbage in a bear proof container (bear cache) at the campsite. Don’t leave your garbage there, you are suppose to carry it with you. X1 noodles and tuna. Every camp had a river or at least little creek with running water close to the camping area. It is recommended by the official government website that drinking water is boiled, treated or filtered before drinking, do this if you want to be safe. I carried a Lifestraw filter bottle, good alternatives is an MSR filtration pump, I used this on some hikes and found it a lot of work to filter water. The gravitation filter bags is a good option taking a bit of time, but it is easy and light and small to pack. Chlorine tablets is an easy option, this is cheaper but tastes terrible. My opinion is that the water is good quality, running water with slight discoloration due to tannins from foliage. The official site says sterilize the water, so to be safe this is probably the way to go. Don’t get drinking water directly downstream of a busy campsite. Trailhead Resort (economy cabins) Wild Coast Chalets (good rating, 400m from town center) Remote Renfrew Riverside Retreat (pet friendly cabins) Take a public bus from Swartz Bay to Victoria. Overnight in Victoria. Use a Garmin Fenix 5 GPS Watch for navigation and generating maps. Arriving at the beach at Thraser Cove and going for a swim (yip it is chilly). The information center is located at the Pacheedaht Campground 5km after passing through the town Port Renfrew. It was helpful, with lots of handy info. Following the orientation make your way over to the ferry that leaves at 8:45, 11:30 (to tie in with morning orientation), 13:30, 14:30 and last ferry at 15:30. I almost missed the 11:30 ferry doing who knows what, after the orientation walk to the ferry! ?? It is a good warm up and you will get an idea of what the next three days is going to be like. This part was not too muddy. The last km to the camp was a steep downhill. Thrasher Cove is a nice campsite on the beach, first day to get some sand in my tent. The site was busy with campers heading north and south, it was nice talking to hikers on their last day. The campsite was a bit packed, but I managed to squeeze my tent in. It is a short day to Thrasher Cove, but the next 9km to Camper Bay is quite tough and slow. Continuing on the forest path is possible, but you are going to miss out on the caves on the beach at Owen Point. The sea caves can only be walked at low tide. If you are going to skip walking to Owen Point on the beach and continue to Camper Bay in the forest, I think walking this 15km on day one is not to hard. It is slippery and challenging climbing over big boulders, logs and walking over rocks covered in seaweed, barnacles and mussels. After leaving the sea caves there was a nice flat stretch next to the ocean on the rocks. I saw a pod of orcas here, they were very close to the rocks I could clearly see their faces and even hear the water exciting their blowholes. Unfortunately getting my camera out took a bit long. The remaining 9 km or so to Cullite Cove was also slow in thick mud walking on a rainy day with a couple of ladders. There is a handful of ladders that takes a while to climb down to Cullite. This was a small campsite and my least favorite. Thrasher to Cullite was a long day taking 7 hours, there were a couple more hikers doing this same stage so it is very doable. I arrived a bit late at Cullite and did not find a nice spot to pitch my tent, the small site was packed, the beach here is covered in big rocks, not great for camping, it was just very full. If you arrive early enough to pick a spot there are some spots with nice views. I would recommend that you take the beach way, not the forest to Owen Point, the sea caves and orcas I saw on this route was a definite highlight on the West Coast Trail! Getting out of Cullite Cove campsite kicked off with a steep climb, 6 ladders. There is a cable car at the start of the day, but I did not use it, the water was shallow and I managed to jump from rock to rock across. It was a rainy day for me and another tough first six kilometers with pools of mud, from Walbran Creek on I was a very happy, the sun came out and about 10km most of it walking on the beach to Cribs Creek. About 5km from Walbran Creek at Bonilla Point there was a very nice waterfall, this is a good campsite and was a great place to stop for lunch. When you leave Carmanha Creek there is a spot called Chez Moniques around km44 that sells burgers and beer, it was unfortunately closed when we passed here. I had to do a little bit more through the forest and passed the Canadian Coast Guard Lightstation Carmanah Point. Cribs Creek is not a very well rated campsite, but I liked it with soft sand, lots of space and it is the last campsite before the ferry crossing and the crab shack. I walked for 11km on nice firm sand and the 8km in the forest was not too muddy. Today’s walk was really beautiful on the rocks and the sand, we spotted a couple of whales and saw 5 sea otters from very close. At Nitinaht narrows I stopped at the crab shack for a beer and lunch. The ferry service is from 09:30 to 16:30 and is included in the registration fee. Lunch and a beer is not and it is pricey. The campsite at Tsusiat Falls is a favorite for good reason, there is a lot of space on the beach and the waterfall is amazing, the water was not freezing and made for the best swim on the trail. Tsusiat Point is only pasable at tides below 2.7m, make sure about this on the beach walk, we almost missed the cut-off and were scrambling over the rocks with a rising tide! A black bear made me wait for about 20 minutes on the beach while it was scavenging, it was a great chance to sit and watch it. I thought Michigan is a great campsite, you can camp on the beach or in the forest, but still with a nice beach view. I camped in the forest, since I tried to get the minimum sand in my tent on the last night. The view from our camp was great and we saw orcas and whales. We made a massive bonfire on the beach. I got to Michigan early, it became busy later since it is the last campsite before the Pachena Bay trailhead. This is hard if you are alone. If you are two teams helping each other to pull the cable car across makes it much easier. There are 4 cable cars on the trail, I only used two, the water level was low enough to skip across the river on rocks with the other two rivers Pachena Beach is a beautiful place to end, 5km from the town Bamfield. You can walk or ask at the parks office that they call a taxi to take you to Bamfield. The Trailbus stops at both Pachena Bay and Bamfield, but I finished more than 3 hours before the bus came and it was great to sit and wait in a restaurant! Since the two trails are so close to each other on the same coast I thought they would be almost identical, they are not. The West Coast trail starts at the Gordon River trailhead outside Port Renfrew on it’s southern end stretching north for 75km to the town of Bamfield. The Juan de Fuca trail starts at the Botanical Beach trailhead outside Port Renfrew making its way south for 47km next to the coast to the China Beach trailhead. Make sure you are physically in good shape and mentally prepared for a week of mud and rain, it is very possible. The West Coast trail offers a lot more walking on the beach than the Juan de Fuca. The Juan de Fuca we walked 5.2 km on the beach 11 of the trail, compared to the West Coast trail with 48 walking on the beach, 38km out of 75km total. More animals on the West Coast trail than Juan de Fuca, I saw black bears, orcas, whales, sea otters and deer on the West Coast, we did not see any of these on the Juan de Fuca, it is however possible to see them on both trails. Juan de Fuca is a mix of forest and beach campsites, the West Coast trail you can camp on the beach every night. The West Coast trail has to be booked long in advance with limited spaces, the Juan de Fuca no booking is necessary. Unlike the West Coast trail which has a fixed distance and trailheads, there are many starting and ending options for the Juan de Fuca, planning a trail that suites you. Wearing merino wool socks in waterproof hiking shoes is the way to go and I will definitely add gaiters if it is rainy. She has walked about 3000km in her Merrel Moab2’s. If you’re looking for something cheaper Columbia Dakota Drifter is a good option. For ladies that prefer a boot cut Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hiking Boot, is an excellent choice. Alya prefers hiking in breathable, moisture wicking, quik dry T-shirts, packing a long sleeve shirt and one short sleeve T-shirt. I love hiking in Columbia shirts, they do not absorb water so dry quickly and protects me from the sun if I take my jacket off. Quick dry if I get importunity to hand wash on the way. We’ve heard a lot from other hikers about merino wool socks and finally decided to give it a go. They do work great, now we always wear them for hiking. Some advantages of merino wool socks; don’t absorb odors, protect your feet, dry quick and very durable. For even more comfortable walk check Darn Tough hiking socks they’re famous for great foot support and blister protection. Alya likes their ladies’ models; colorful and funky. Alya prefers wearing a cap, I usually takes a hat on hikes. Get a funky one, mine is a South African flag, awesome for photos. On this hike gaitors are very important to keep mud out of your shoes. TrailBuddy Hiking Sticks, TrailBuddy Hiking Sticks very well rated, good value for money, aluminium trekking poles. Aluminium is strong and a bit heavier than carbon, my advice is save some money, go for these guys. Top of the line Black Diamond Trail Pro Shock Trekking Pole, 68-140cm. Active Roots Microfiber Travel Towel If you have spots on your feet where you usually get blisters try to prevent them by first putting some vaseline on it and then plaster. There are special blister prevention patches for shoes as well. We’ve never used them but the reviews are quite good.Campbell is responsible for all our marine adventures and following them with write-ups. He loves traveling, braai (BBQ in South Africa), red wine and spending the day in a wetsuit. And I love camping at the beach. So this walk seems perfect. Hopefully flights and travel will be back to normal soon. If you like walking along the coast and camping on the beach you’ll definitely enjoy the trail. We can’t wait when we can go hiking and camping again. Hopefull it happens soon. Stay safe! Learn how your comment data is processed. We experienced everything on this blog and wrote every word. Get advice from a source you can trust. Want to know more ABOUT US ? We currently in Cape Town enjoying nice summer weather, doing a lot of hiking, wine tasting and planning some local road trips. We earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to If you click on the link and purchase the item, we will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost for you. Thank You! Okay, thanks. From a stroll on the Ozark Greenways to an adventurous hike to a spectacular outlook on Mount Magazine, there are plenty of ways to get outside and enjoy nature. Southwest Missouri and Northern Arkansas are a wonderland of walking and hiking trails, both hidden and super-accessible. All you have to do is get outside and enjoy them. This makes a great opportunity for snacks throughout the day that will help with your muscle recovery and energy levels. Hiking in wet socks is never fun and can be very bad for your feet, so keep an extra pair of socks in your bag for those moments when you're in need. Be realistic about your fitness level, and don’t get yourself in a position that becomes dangerous. Try on boots later in the day to get the correct fit, and always try on shoes or boots with the socks you will be wearing, along with any aftermarket insoles to get just the right fit. And don’t let summer go by without experiencing the Ozarks’ own rail to trail. With 72 miles of Greenways in all parts of the city and beyond, it’s a snap to get walking, running or biking outdoors without leaving our metro community. Springfield’s robust trail system is one of its greatest assets, and thanks to Ozark Greenways, it gets better every year. Projects in 2017 include breaking ground on the Trail of Honor through the Missouri Veteran’s Cemetery and along James River. Find maps and descriptions for all the trails at Meanwhile, try one of these: Frisco Highline Trail Runners, walkers and bikers enjoy Missouri’s second longest rail-to-trail path. The 35-mile route connects Springfield to Bolivar with four trailheads, 16 railroad bridges and lots of rural character. With relatively low elevation changes, it’s a great trail for people of all ages. The first eight miles from Springfield into Willard are paved; about two-thirds of the trail, starting at Mile 8, is crushed gravel. The photo-worthy bridges are clustered between Miles 18 and 31—a particularly aesthetic section for selfie-lovers and nature photographers alike. Don’t miss crossing the bridge at Mile 23 for a beautiful view of the Little Sac River. Galloway Creek Greenway If you like a more urban trail experience with easy access to dining, libations, a great city park and a notable point of interest, then Galloway Creek Greenway is for you. Head south from the trailhead near Pershing Middle School—look for the oversized wheelchair sculpture along the way—or start at the more central Sequiota Park on Lone Pine Avenue. Whether on foot or on wheels, you’ll find plenty of pit stops along the route including 4 By 4 Brewing Company, Galloway Grill or Great Escape Beer Works farther south or Bambino’s Italian Cafe near Lone Pine and Battlefield Road. Ward Branch Greenway A 1.2-mile stretch of the Ward Branch trail runs between the Missouri Institute of Natural Science (Riverbluff Cave museum) and Wanda Grey Elementary School. Meandering along the Ward Branch Creek, the wooded trail is popular with south-side walkers and runners. Find the trailhead off South Farm Road 139, south of Plainview Road near Rivercut Golf Course. The gravel area isn’t well-marked; look for a couple of vine-covered silos. Some walkers park at the nearby museum, visible from the trailhead off Farm Road 190. Access the other end of the trail just east of Wanda Grey. Located near Battlefield Road and West Bypass, Tal’s connects the Wilson’s Creek and South Creek Greenways. About four miles of paved trail between Tal’s Trailhead and the popular Rutledge-Wilson Farm Park makes a pleasant route particularly great for biking and running. Wilson’s Creek Greenway travels through pretty wooded and rural landscapes and into Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield where you can find five walking trails that range from one-quarter of a mile to three-qusrters of a mile. Plus there's a 7-mile trail system for hiking that is accessible from the main tour road. It crosses a couple of bridges and passes through several gated farmland pastures complete with resident cows. South Creek Greenway There are plenty of scenic stops along this 8-mile trail as it weaves through the heart of Springfield. There are plenty of picnic spots as well as play ground equipment and gardens galore, including the Dr. Bill Roston Native Butterfly House and the picture worth Mizumoto Japanese Stroll Garden. This trail starts at the McDaniel Park trailhead at the intersection of National Avenue and Sunset Street. One overlooks the forest, and the others offer a great view of Galloway creek. As the trail winds around the nature center, ramblers get to see different habitats including a woodland area, a restored bottomland prairie, a glade and an upland and bottomland forest. When you're crossing the bridge that goes over Galloway Creek, keep your eyes peeled for waterfowl, great blue herons and turtles basking on logs. Remember to leave your pets at home when planning your visit. Your furry, four-legged pals are a no, no here. If you visit the Flatrocks, you’ll have the chance to explore grounds that have rarely been explored by hikers—grounds that aren’t even developed yet. There are no trails at this time, and no trails means no maintenance of trails (so you’ll have to hike through weeds and other natural vegetation in late spring through the thick of summer), warns Francis Skalicky, media specialist for the Southwest Region of the Missouri Department of Conservation. Don’t let this stop you, though—if you want to see it, simply plan for a non-weedy time of year, or wear pants and brave the brush.

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To go to your phone number, you should click on "My Account", "Dashboard", "My Profile", and validate both your phone number and your email address.

After clicking on the verification process, you should automatically receive a text message with a code. You need to enter this code in the space provided for it, so your phone may be verified.

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on "Access", than on "request new password".

If your account was blocked, you can contact us by Airynb contact form. Do not forget to explain the context if possible. For example, you may have entered your password wrong 5 times, or you may not know why your account was blocked.

Create an ad

We do accept yacht charter professionals if those two conditions are respected:

The pricing of rental offer have to be lower to the pricing displayed on your website or in your agency/office.

Your company or website may not be mentioned at any time: not in the description, not in your photos, and not in the exchange of messages with potential boat renters.

If you make your yacht available for charter with you or a qualified person on board, the charter will be considered to be "with skipper".

If you make your yacht available for charter without skipper, the boat renter will be responsible for steering the yacht.

You may also make your yacht available for charter "with or without skipper," letting the renter choose if he wants to have a skipper on board or not (depending on the renter's preference and navigational experience.

I remember you the simple steps to create a boat rental offer:

1. Register you account as boat owner on Airynb site.

2. Register your boats on Airynb site

3. Insert a boat rental offer for every boat with calendar and price.

Boat renter communicate with you through "send message" button in the rental offer filling in the Airynb contact form. Remenber that you deal directly with the future boat renter.

You will pay a token for every day that your rental offer will be present in Airynb site. The value of the token depends from the number of your boat's feet.

When the boat renter will accept your boat rental offer you will delete the rental offer for that period on Airynb site. From that moment you will not pay more.

Airynb will notify you well in advance when the token payment will be active. From now until then you will pay nothing to enter your boat rental offers.

Charter Request

To offer a discount or make a personalized offer to a boat renter, you can do it directly dealing with the boat renter.

You will be able to share contact information, email and phone numbers with the boat renter.
The first time will be when the boat renter will send you a message via the Airynb contact form by replying to one of your boat rental offers.
When you will receive your message you will be in contact with the boat renter and from that moment you can exchange email and phone numbers.

You have to register on Airynb site. You click on "access", click on "create account" and fill in all the information.
a. select "I am boat owner"
b. insert email and phone number
c. insert name and surname
You will receive an email to the communicated email in the registration, click on the URL and from that moment you are registered on Airynb site.
After it you join the Airynb community. Please recommend it to friends or family. Click on the links you find on the Airynb site, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Linkedin, Youtube and Pinterest.

Yes, your personal information is secured.

Our website uses the highest security standards to assure your security. All the information present on Airy&b are secured. The site is verified by a SSL certificate.

To modify your password, go to "My Account" and then "Profile". Once you are on your profile, click on "Edit my Password".