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spss upgrade manual guidePlease upgrade your browser or activate Google Chrome Frame to improve your experience. Can I use my foreign medical certificate?What protection can I expect as a whistleblower and to Whom would I report it?Am I prohibited from operating a CMV if I have a medical condition that developed after my last medical certificate was issued? Our client insight platform, ClientIQ, will help your team adopt the concept of Insight-Led Selling. ClientIQ quickly allows you to compare prospects to their peers to inform better sales strategies. ClientIQ equips your team with insights to communicate credible, compelling, custom tailored solutions. See how they are compensated to learn what drives their decisions. It's simple to analyze a company historically and against its peers and industry. Great value- a real game changer. - Client Executive, IBM. An acquisition can help expand both the top and bottom lines but also has risks. Explore ideas from 16 professionals from Forbes Business Development Council. Certified National Registry of Certified Medical Examiners (NRCME). Certified Medical Review Officer (MRO). USCIS designated Civil Surgeon. FAA designated Aviation Medical Examiner (AME) Source: NRCME DATA Dashboard. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Medical Standards and certificationFAA AME HomepageDriver fitness for dutyFMCSA NewsHow medical conditions affect commercial drivingTo find a certified medical examinerFMCSA Updates for medical examinersForms for motor carriers, drivers and medical examinersFor CDL and other commercial driversState DMVs organized by regionMerchant Mariner Credential FormsMedical Standards and certificationMerchant Mariner Medical CredentialSleep ApneaFighting for the rights of truckers and providing truck industry related benefits, services, rebates, insurance on trucks, education and tools for the trucking industry in grain valley, missouri and beyond.

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Or find yourself reaching for the salt shaker at the dinner table. If you do, you are not alone. In general, people in the U.S. eat much more sodium (salt) than they should.For more information, call Sands Point Medical Rehab at 718-939-9020. Source: Sands Point Medical Rehab in College Point, NY 11356 They issue the licenses and assess the qualifications and validity of each of their drivers.For many truck drivers trucking is a last resort- A lonely and arduous low paying occupation and simply a means to an end. Additionally, the DOT has established medical guidelines to determine fitness for drivers in order to be eligible to operate a commercial vehicle. Commercial drivers must be capable of safely operating a CMV and to do so, drivers must pass a DOT physical to demonstrate that they have no medical conditions that would prevent them from safely operating a CMV. The maximum period of time a DOT medical certificate can be issued for is two (2) years. The physician may determine that given your health status, that you require more frequent renewals of your medical clearance or, that you may even be determined to be medically unqualified to operate a CMV. In the case of the above, it is important to speak with your medical provider to understand the results of your physical. Taking steps to remain active and healthy are important for drivers to remain physically capable of operating a CMV. CME providers are required to adhere to the latest guidelines and requirements as provided in the FMCSA Medical Examiner Handbook and to report results of DOT physicals to the FMCSA. A Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is required to operate select vehicles based on Gross Combination Weight Rating (GVWR), the size of trailer (load) that is being towed or based on the number of passengers. Examples: Tractor-trailer, Truck and trailer combinations, Tanker trucks. Examples: School bus, City bus, Box truck for delivery, Dump truck. Examples: Small trucks with trailer, Passenger vans or Small Buses. There’s a section that outlines what’s regulation and what’s guidance. It also makes clear that regulation is the law that they have to go by.” He joins Dr. Gina C. Pervall, Dr. Michael T. Kelley, Dr. Brian T. Morris, and Dr. Albert James Osbahr III. An award-winning journalist and former assistant news editor at The Topeka Capital-Journal, he brings fresh ideas, solid reporting skills, and more than two decades of journalism experience to our staff. Louis Park is considering doing the same, which could go into effect in August. Thank you! Note that employers are allowed to impose more stringent medical requirements. The medical examiner may require clearance from your treating physician before you can be considered for certification. This information helps the DOT examiner determine if you are medically fit to operate a commercial motor vehicle for the designated time frame of your DOT medical certificate. If you have “white coat syndrome”, tell the examiner, and ask to have multiple BP’s taken. He should be taking 2-3 readings anyhow, especially if you say so up front. Each medical examiner here has a page describing their office and services. Find one who you would feel comfortable with. This should help reduce your “white coat syndrome”. Also, you may be able to use your doctors readings, if there are questions regarding your bp anxiety. That will be up to the CME to make those decisions. On the recheck, his blood pressure was still quite elevated. I know I can’t give him another 3 month card. How does he get his medical card back at this point since he is now disqualified. I have read about “temporary disqualification” but I don’t see how to note that on the form. I made an appointment with a well regarded doctor 2 months later to take the DOT test again. After filling out the paperwork I was informed by the nurse that since I had failed the BP test at the other clinic I would have to return to that clinic to have my blood pressure tested again. I maintained that I was entitled to a second opinion and had no obligation to return to that clinic. Was I correct? I’m being treated for it. I do have a class A license. Will I have issues renewing my fedmed card? And good job on getting yourself back in shape. I have since gone to my primary care doc and he has put me on hbp medication which has reduced my bp below the levels required. I am going to get the medical release opinion form filled out before I go back to get recertified. Do I have to have the complete physical done again since I just did the last one less than 3 months ago. Hbp was the only problem. I live in Ohio. Can’t find that answer anywhere. Thanks It is only a draft. DRAFT FMCSA Medical Examiner Handbook-4-23-2020.pdf. I received a 3 month, and was told to come back at that time and they would retest the blood pressure and if I passed, would be given a 1 year from the date of the initial exam (ie another 9 months). It is not intended as a means to indefinitely extend driving privileges for a driver with a condition that is associated with long-term risks. It does not mean once in a lifetime. Can the doctor pull my Healy card since it’s been over 3 months now. Or how long do I have to get it down. I have to renew in December So it appears that you have some time to get it under control. Normal range is about 55 to 80 bpm.I live in Texas. He took his DOT exam 2 years ago and for the first time failed it. He was given the 3 month card.He is afraid he will fail A DOT exam when he goes in. Is he eligible for a 3 month certificate again if he fails or will he just be disqualified. We did not know if he could get another 3 month card after having one 2 years ago and being on blood pressure meds. Thank you for info you can give us. It is up to the examining CME as to whether he grants another three month card if he feels that the driver can have his situation under control within the time frame, but do not count on it. If he fails due to blood pressure, he is not disqualified. He simply needs to get his pressure under control and then re-take the examination. My husband requires a DOL physical for his job even though he doesn’t need or have a CDL to drive his work vehicle. He was diagnosed with hypertension when he first got certified. He also found out he has type 2 diabetes. He was originally certified for 3 months and then given the full year after he started treatment. He has been on medication and and his diabetes is well controlled he isn’t on insulin. With these readings would he be able to get recertified. We live in WA. If all else checks out in the normal ranges he should do fine for a one year medical card. Some states adopted FMCSA guidelines and still have their own guidelines for non-cdl holders. We still have 5 months before his recert is due so we have time to work on lower his BP even more. An shouldn’t a note from my primary doctor to my job be accepted to drive? Also get a medical release form from your prescribing doctor. Arm was unsupported sitting with feet hanging sitting on bed. This is not the proper way. That test showed it was way over the 2 year limit. I asked to retest and support my arm. Still feet hanging. This barely was low enough for 2 year. Nurse was shocked it was so much lower. Why do most nurses not seem to know the proper procedure. What can be done about this. This is our livelihood after all. What happens if it is still high when I am tested again. When would I be able to take another physical? Also, any time you fill your bp is within normal limits, you can retest. We work on diesel trucks He has an issue that could be deadly, both for himself and the public at large. I have never tested high till last week. He gave me a 3 month card and told me to come back after getting meds. I just completed and passed a 2 year Physical not even a month before. (starting better paying job). I requested to have it done with hand pump and they refused. To me it seems like he just wants to bring in more pay for another physical. The doctor did’ not even check it himself. Anyway my mother passed 2 days prior and since then I’ve really haven’t slept and so emotiontally drained. When the nurse took my BP twice both times readings were high. I brought that up to nurse. I also brought that up to the Dr. about mothers passing, Dr. asked how my sleep was, and I mentioned I really havn’t been able to sleep since her passing. When Dr. handed me the paperwork he granted a 3 month medical card ext.I never had BP or Sleep issues under normal circumstances. I called DMV asked some questions. One was a Dr. 2nd opinion(taking another physical) DMV said that’s entirely up to me. Another one was, who sends the new updated Medical card to DMV the Dr. Office or me? DMV said I’m responsible to submit the new Medical card and DMV grants a 30 day extension before my CDL gets down graded. I can’t drive my truck, but it gives me some time for my spirits to get better before I retake another physical. Have your MD check for blood pressure issues. Sleep study screening, given the situation, we would have you hold on that one. Reporting your medical card to the DMV is your responsibility, some offices will do it for you, but confirm, don’t assume. Too many of the CME’s think all drivers must comply with the FMCSA guidelines, when the state may have differing guidelines based on different drivers license class’s. Can I see a doctor get my diabetes under control and get a new med card or do I have to wait till my three month card expires? I went to the DOT Dr for my annual physical and was told the BP meds I was just placed on have not kicked in yet and he could not give me a DOT Card on this day. So I did my blood pressure was normal at that facility and they gave me a 2 year card never had high blood pressure before dont take any medication. Is this correct Staff do the examination and follow the doctors recommendations, whether it is correct or not. It is important to keep in mind that our jobs are to present ourselves as professional medical providers, with understanding of the FMCSA guidelines and the states variances within our given state. If you felt the need for the driver to go to the ER, then you did the right thing. Is there anyway for him to get a 2 year card from someone else now or is he stuck since the first doc gave him a 3 month and said he needed blood pressure meds. I would like to report this doctor because I believe he is singling me out this is not the first time I go to him he made me come back every 6 months since I started this job and I been here more than a year. I want to know how to go ahead and make a report on this doctor. I have been on blood pressure medication for a few years. Do I still have to take a yearly DOT physical to keep my Class A? I still have four years left before I have to renew my license and I am not going to drive trucks anymore. I plan on getting a Class C on my next renewal. Thank you. That’s easy enough. That last reading is the one she put in the medical report. She still decided to give me a one year card. Is that up to her discretion to give me a one year card, or should i be given a two year card.I was put on BP meds. At my second exam it was still too high and was given another 3 month extension, so my doctor made a med adjustment to bring it down more. Will this second 3 month extension allow me to hold onto my CDL until I qualify for the renewal within the next 3 months? Is this normal for this driver. Or not? 1 or 2 years? It expires in a couple of days. I’m very nervous I will be disqualified. Will I loose my job on the spot? Went back at the 3 months, was eligible for the one year card. ME gave new card with an expiration of 1 year from the original exam date but only gave a new card (form 5876), did not complete a new long form (form 5875). Is the ME required to complete a new long form or can they just issue a new card to the original long form? At your initial visit the completed exam was done, but you did were not qualified due to “something”. Once you followed up your results were evidently within limits and you then qualified. A completed exam is not to be done again at all follow ups. The additional info will be viewed and your certificate will reflect the date of your exam, not your follow up. That being said, they have the right to limit the card to 90 days until they are happy with the findings. Then you’ll get the one year card. I was forced to do this with a year left on my current physical because I had a high spike in my BP prior to it. I’m on meds and the doctors through testing determined my hypertension is weight based. Everything looked good per the doctors yet the new physician who did my DOT only gave me a 3 month certificatcation. Am I correct in believing I should have received a 1 year and not a 3 month. What are the newest guidelines per FMCSA regarding hypertension and what we’re allowed on time on our medical cards? When Im being “good”, my blood pressure is pretty normal on medication. I take Indipamide 1.25mg and Almdipimine 10MG. My concern is that the Amlidipine will disqualify me to to the side effects of “dizziness, use caution when operating a motor vehicle” even though I have never experienced any of these side effects. Do I have a reason to be concerned? But give it some time. I was given a 3 month temp card and a form for my doctor to fill out to evaluate my bp. I went back to the dot place for a follow up on my bp.Is this true or is she just confused about the rules. MY dot certificate expires in November. Does being on dialysis disqualify me for getting my certificate renewed? Make sure you bring a medical release form from your doctor and your latest test results. Was given a one year card. But felt they got me nervous asking all these questions. I went to my doctor and he said my blood presure was normal. Will i always have a one year cert. From now on I have been getting my DOT physical at the same location for two years. I went to get my recent DOT physical and the doctor said they needed a letter from my primary care doctor stating that I’m compliant with treatment and not abusing medicine. Is this something that sounds to be correct? I have been issued a one year certification due to my blood pressure being controlled by medications. However, my last DOT exam I was issued a 2 year certification even when I disclosed my medication AND the fact that I have been issued a card for less than 2 years on the form. Will I run into a legal ramification with this or is it simply up to the discretion of the examining doctor? We recommend that you continue with the one year re-examination and make sure you find an examiner that understands the FMCSA guidelines. My PCP says although I am being treated for high blood pressure he believes that 90 of my problem of the higher BP is due to the chronic pain and 10 to being overweight. He’s found no evidence of heart disease. I’m already on a one year schedule for physicals. My PCP is not DOT certified. How do I continue to qualify? Diastolic always lower than 80. I have still been given a one year. This time I got a 3 month even with the repeated proof and documentation. I don’t trust anyone any more. Thought Medical Registry imposed some level of standardization but different facilities still apply disparate standards in dealing with special situations. I am a combat veteran and when I don’t trust people or the system my anxiety and stress rockets up. My job is on the at every exam.I went and got a 90 day because my BP was high. I am seeing my DR to try and get it under control. What happens if I can not get it under control with in the 90 day window. It has me very concerned because I can not afford to lose my job. Can I get another extension while I work on it with my doctor, if I show I am working on getting it regulated? Thanks I was put on bp meds a few years back and given the 1 year cert. I have not taken any meds for bp or anyother now in two years, i have my diet and bp all under control, yet the concentra nurse tells me its virtuallt impossible to go back to a 2 year cert and will not tell me the process to doing so. Of course they want that annual dollar for my physical but i want my 2 year cert back. How do i go about doing that. Our company only uses a certain facility so my options are null so far as going to a different examiner. Just got through with a long walk and doing excersises.I’ve had the same BP my whole life, it’s always 140-150 over 85-95, I run and eat healthy, I’m not over weight at all. I don’t drink or smoke. I was put on Lisinipril because of the ridiculous DOT requirement, and it didn’t even make a difference, just made me really tired. Some people just have higher BP than others, the whole “silent killer” is a bunch of bull.If they have a question about your BP they should then direct you to get an opinion from a real doctor and have that determine whether you pass or not. However I have been off my bp medication 5 months I went back to receiving a 2 year card. The Dr said since i was off the med, and stable i could go back to a 2yr card. Is this correct Trying to push Bp med just fmcsa has a low stand guidelines. But you need to have your blood pressure under control, it is one of the silent killers. It is immoral to have someone’s life depending on one or two or even three BP measurements during an exam in a hostile environment. And, furthermore, it is KNOWN by the medical profession that the diastolic reading is often inaccurate. If they’re going to use their measurements over those done over time by other practitioners, then they should be forced to prove the accuracy of the instruments they use and it should be done with a digital bp monitor where human error or deliberate malice cannot determine the outcome! This is why EMT’s and Paramedics are taught to never use them. I hated every dot phy I took for my last 20 years of driving. So after I retired and got out of the truck. I lost 35 lbs it took a year. So drivers lose weight and I know it’s hard with working the hours you guy do. In 2005 diagnosed with hypotension. Ten days ago had my physical and medical card updated by a clinical Dr arranged by the company. He gave me a two year card. My company is saying it should be a one year card. Can the DR revolk (cancell) the current card before getting me a corrected card? He could become unregistered.At that point, everyone that he passed would have to do their physical over again. I’ve seen it done. I can eat a box of donuts and not gain a pound. My arteries are clean, all the way up into the carotid and that’s after an MR angiography. After a trip to a special testing office for my CDL physical, it was high by about 50 points on each side. I am otherwise in good health and shape. My BP is now down to the borderline- below if I go all Zen-like before the test. The DOT Doctor sent a form with me to take to my doctor. He said when my BP is under control, that my Doctor should fax the form saying my BP is good. The DOT Doctor said he was putting my Medcial card on hold for 45 days. My BP is good now since taking medication. It’s been good for 2weeks. My Doctor is faxing the form from the DOT Doctor with my BP being good now do I still have to wait the 45 days to get my card. If you show back up at the DOT examiner more than 45 days after the first exam they MUST do a complete new exam. Will he pass a DOT physical? I was told the other day at my DOT Physical that due to the number of medications that I take for my blood pressure requires me to do a sleep study test. The doctor stated that the rules changed 2 months ago. Is this true or only this doctors opinion. You could go for a second opinion elsewhere. Why is that? The CME is just trying to cover their behind.I have been diagnosed with White Coat Syndrome. Even after relaxing, it remained high. The issue with me is not the fear of doctors but the fear of failing and not having a job. It’s the YOU HAVE TO PASS mentality that gets me. When are regulators really going to acknowledge this problem and come up with an alternative testing method?? If I really needs to, I’ll put the patient in a quiet dark room with relaxing music and a glass of water to sip on to calm them down. Instead of going down it was going up more. My BP is fine at home but the minute I go to the Company Doc it goes out the roof. And I am going this back this monday.This whole certified Doc thing is a load of crap.How can a DOT certified doc know more than my family doc and cardiologist both of which I have been seeing over ten years and both say I am fine.What happened to electronic sharing of medical records. Why can’t the DOT just get our history electronically from our docs. That would just make too much sense,now wouldn’t it. But then the money would stop for Dot Docs and they wouldn’t want that too happen!!! This way the dot examiner can’t play dr. Trying to say or do fmcsa rules is unfair. I don’t need a medical dot tell if I can or can’t drive. Due to there lack of knowing the driver medical history. The driver and primary care k owe more than them!!! Just get to MVD and work it out with them. If your previous medical card had not expired you will be okay. Check with your local drivers license department to confirm. Not on any blood pressure medication. Have white coat syndrome got to my doctor blood always fine. What should I do. You should have your blood pressure lower and see if you can bypass the white coat syndrome. The CME is looking for safety related conditions and is not trying to put you out of work. So relax, take your chill pill, find your Yoda moment and have them take a few readings if you are right on the border.I get recertified every year because of it. I got a 3 month pass. Should I have received my 1 year card with the initial reading or no? Is this true? Will I still pass for a 2 year with my history of high blood pressure or will I just get the 1 year? He can read the guidelines and interpret them as he sees fit. Have someone check your blood pressure now that you are away from the clinic, a real blood pressure check not the freebies at WallyWorld. But there is no FMCSA requirements to give you a three month card, only a recommendation via the guideline. Given these readings and the circumstances, this seems like a gray area? Thx. That is FMCSA guideline. We are working with his PCP to get the blood pressure under control. We are getting conflicting information on when he can go back and get retested. At what point can he go retest? Or is a 1 year always going to stick. I really believe that white coat syndrome. The doctor told me no matter what it is, after a 1 year is issued. They all will be 1 year. True? Great informative site by the way You can also ask for more than one reading. If you do not take medications and you get your BP down to a more normal range, then there is not a FMCSA regulation that states you cannot go back to a two year card, but it is up to the CME to make the final call. The single most important thing you need to do is as much physical activity as you can during the day. I know, easier said than done, and the only person who can help keep you healthy is you. So make some type of simple plan that you can adhere to. Good Luck But nice to know i can get a 2 year still. She asked to bring the machine in next time. Maybe next time i will just go else where. Knowing a 2 year is within reach. Thank you for your reply. Great board BP was too high so was denied and told to see his Dr. Driver had been on new BP meds since this. Today he goes back to Little Clinic and Dr. gave him a 3 month medical card. I’ve never heard this before. Anyone else had this issue or know if this is a true statement from the Dr.? Not sure why one you would get a one time three month card and then try to cancel it before he gets out of the parking lot. So unless the doctor cancelled the three month card off the NRCME registry, then he may still have a valid medical card. Check with your local drivers license department to confirm or deny the existence of the medical certificate. If the card has been cancelled, then you should be in a thirty days waiting period from the original beginning date of the medications. All of my vitals were fine except i was only able to get my heart rate up to 75. Can I still get certified? Because i know for a fact that they are not, Does consentras medical examiners make up their own rules because i thought they had to abide by FMCSA guidelines. I may be worrying for nothing but I don’t know Wanting to get off the medicine I started an exercise program and a plant based diet. So although I have an active prescription for BP meds, I haven’t taken them for months. I still check my BP daily and if my BP goes up, I address the problem. For instance with my workout routine I started a new supplement in the morning and that afternoon my BP was about 20 points higher on both numbers. I didn’t take the supplement the next day and BP was back to normal. By checking my BP daily I can usually pinpoint why it may have risen, and in every case so far it’s been from supplements I took to improve my workout results. Which I believe is why it went up the first time, I used to drink several red bulls, and Monster energy drinks a day. No CME is going to act differently until the doctors note is in your file. You can stop taking the medication, but without the doctors release, it will all stay the same. Talk to your prescribing doctor and have him write the note that says you no longer needs the BP medication. Good Luck Was told come back in week to have retest. Can he see another doctor before then. He is on medication for high blood pressure should he have got 3 months? He can only get one three month card in his career, after the one time 3 month card, he would be disqualified until he has it under control. He gave me a 45 day pending determination, while I work with my primary to get it under control. Can I drive on this or not. Doctor wasn’t sure. How do you go about showing it’s under control if he’s not driving anymore and all of his tests at his primary care physician have been fine but only his high tests have been for the DOT BP test? Like what is the course of action that he has to go about if he gets disqualified and has to recertify. Like what does he have to do after disqualification and to be able to drive again other than showing his BP is at or below where it is supposed to be. Either way, just be truthful on the federal form, its not worth lying and possibly losing your cdl over. At that time, he will be given the rest of his 1 year certificate.Do I need to return to same DOT ME or can I see a different DOT doctor closer to my home? My question Is this too much of a swing in bp for the medical exam. I monitor my b.p 4 times a week and this is my high to low range that I seem to have right now. I’m going in to see my Family Dr in a little over 30 days to get checked again, 1st Dr said if I failed any part of that one I was done driving. I guess my question is, is there anything that I can do to rectify the wrongly given 3 month extension? Thanks Either way the CME can and does have the final say in this situation, regarding the DOT examination.

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Un'offerta di noleggio "senza skipper" è una offerta in cui noleggi e guidi la barca da solo o con il tuo equipaggio. Non dimenticare di specificare la tua esperienza nautica e inviare la patente nautica, in alcuni casi, per rassicurare il proprietario della barca. Sarai responsabile dello yacht per l'intera durata del noleggio.

Un'offerta di noleggio "con skipper" è una offerta con uno skipper professionista o con il proprietario della barca a bordo. Saranno con te durante il tuo noleggio e saranno incaricati di guidare lo yacht.

Un'offerta di noleggio "con o senza skipper" significa che lo yacht è disponibile per il noleggio con o senza skipper, entrambe le opzioni sono possibili. Dipende dalle tue preferenze e dalla tua esperienza nautica.

Puoi vedere la barca secondo le regole del proprietario. Puoi scambiare le informazioni di contatto con il proprietario e visitare la barca. Il modulo di contatto Airynb ti consente di fare tutte le tue domande ed è accessibile anche tramite sito mobile.

Puoi sempre chiedere al proprietario di barca uno sconto o una offerta personalizzata cliccando sul pulsante "invia messaggio" che si trova in fondo ad ogni offerta di noleggio e compilando il form di contatto.

Sarai sempre in grado di contattare il proprietario della barca tramite il pulsante "invia messaggio" nell'offerta di noleggio del proprietario della barca. Fai clic sul pulsante e accedi al modulo di contatto Airynb. Compila il modulo e invia il messaggio.

Rental management

Teoricamente, il proprietario della barca o lo skipper sono gli unici capitani a bordo. Sebbene, con la loro autorizzazione e se si è su una barca a vela, possono autorizzarvi a guidare lo yacht. Se sei su un motoscafo e se sei titolare di una patente nautica, puoi guidare lo yacht se lo skipper te lo consente.

Le principali offerte di noleggio con skipper includono il pagamento dello skipper. Se non lo fossero, il proprietario dovrebbe specificarlo nell'offerta di noleggio.
Per una offerta di noleggio con o senza skipper non esitare a fare domande al proprietario di barca inviando un messaggio dal sito. Potranno darti maggiori informazioni sull'offerta di noleggio.

Dovresti verificare all'interno delle informazioni della barca se è specificato dal proprietario della barca.

La maggior parte delle volte, specialmente per le barche a motore, il carburante non è incluso e lo paghi direttamente al proprietario. Generalmente prendi in noleggio una barca con una certa quantità di carburante e la restituisci con la stessa quantità iniziale. Per maggiori informazioni contatta direttamente il proprietario della barca.


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