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The company AirYachtnBoat, respecting individual rights, aims to offer you a pleasant, safe and smooth online experience. Following the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we invite you to consult our Privacy Policy as described in the following. Below you will find all the information you need about cookies used on the AirYachtnBoat website.

What is a "cookie"?

A "cookie" or tracker is an electronic file stored on a terminal (device), as is the case of a computer, a tablet or a smartphone. It is downloaded for example when visiting a website, reading an email, installing or using software or a mobile application, whatever the type of terminal used. During the first visit to the AirYachtnBoat website, an explanatory banner on the use of "cookies" will appear to inform the user. Therefore, by continuing their online navigation, users are deemed informed and accepting the use of said "cookies". By browsing on, "cookies" issued by AirYachtnBoat and/or partner companies of the publisher may be stored on your device. The purpose of this document is to inform you about the nature and purpose of the cookies used by AirYachtnBoat. Cookies simplify your navigation and your use of AirYachtnBoat Services. They are used for various purposes including: to authenticate users, record their preferences and browsing history, run advertising campaigns and measure their effectiveness or analyse site traffic. Cookies are stored on your computer's hard drive and/or your mobile device if you use it to access our Services. Restriction of certain cookies may affect the operation of certain site features and AirYachtnBoat services.

The different cookies used by AirYachtnBoat

Different categories of cookies (some are anonymised) are used by AirYachtnBoat. You have the option to manage cookies that use personal data. An encrypted connection transfers cookies to our services.

Functional cookies

These tracking cookies are essential to the optimal functioning of our Services. Examples include cookies that allow a secure connection to your account and others that simplify your user experience. Consent given for these cookies is valid for 12 months. In order for the user to benefit from an optimal browsing experience, the "User ID" is collected by AirYachtnBoat so that the user experience offered always matches the same user. Functional tracking cookies can not be deactivated because they are essential for the proper functioning of the service.

Cookies issued by third parties

The AirYachtnBoat website may contain cookies issued by third parties for statistical purposes, marketing targeting and reporting of the most popular pages. This information is collected by third parties during the validity period of their cookies. AirYachtnBoat uses performance and targeting cookies managed by external providers, including: - Google - Criteo - Facebook - Microsoft

Login via your Facebook account

We use Facebook Connect to allow you to access your AirYachtnBoat account using your own Facebook account. Facebook uses authentication cookies to keep your credentials in encrypted form. We only take from Facebook the data necessary for your registration: last name, first name, email address and user photo.

Managing your cookies

At any time, you can configure your browser to save, manage or delete cookies.


Privacy Police

AirYachtnBoat protects your personal data and privacy

AirYachtnBoat's goal is to offer its users a smooth and pleasant browsing and booking experience on its website to allow them to rent a boat, easily and safely. The purpose of this document is to give you a clear overview of the privacy of your personal data in regard to the use of our website and our mobile application. We want to give you a complete overview of the data we collect and how we process the data we record while you are browsing or using our Services. We invite you to read this document carefully. If you still have questions, do not hesitate to contact us by form at We will respond as soon as possible.


1. AirYachtnBoat

AirYachtnBoat is a boat rental platform open to private and professional boat owners. The Services are provided by Aleph srl, Via Cucchiari 9, registered with the company register of Milan under the number 07688250963. The AirYachtnBoat platform connects (Boat) Owners and Renters to facilitate Boat Rental. The Services are available on the AirYachtnBoat website via the following address: A AirYachtnBoat mobile site is also available to access via mobile phones. The Services are described in detail in of AirYachtnBoat, available on the platform. AirYachtnBoat is responsible for the processing of personal data collected during your use of our Services and our site from any device. By registering on the platform AirYachtnBoat, you accept the said processing of personal data by also ensuring the accuracy of all the data you provide to our Service.


2. Personal data: necessity, purposes, retention time and rights of the user

What is personal data? This is a term that includes any information about an identified or identifiable natural person (data subject) such as a name, address or telephone number. Personal data also includes elements of direct or indirect identification such as an IP address. AirYachtnBoat collects data in order to improve the user experience and the quality of its Services. They are mainly used for the management of relations with it users and members, and if necessary, the processing of your requests relevant to our Services and to any request for information. They are stored in the customer database of the publisher. AirYachtnBoat uses different types of cookies. No personal data is sold to third parties. However, as a part of the exercise of our activity, service providers of the publisher are likely to use your personal data. Note that AirYachtnBoat ensures the reliability of the selected providers and their use of your personal data. In the event of attempted fraud or fraud committed by a user, in accordance with its Terms and Conditions, AirYachtnBoat reserves the right to block the account concerned, whose user will no longer have access to our Services. AirYachtnBoat may be required to keep the blocked account's data for investigation purposes.


2.1 The data used by AirYachtnBoat

Registration data

In order to ensure an efficient customer service, AirYachtnBoat needs to collect information about you. The requested registration data includes: -First name -Last Name -Email address -Phone number -Password (encrypted via a secure protocol)

Owner data

If you want to rent out your boat on AirYachtnBoat, you also have to provide additional information (owner data) on top of the registration data: -Type of the boat -City where the boat is -Port (optional) -Manufacturer of the boat -Model of the boat -Type of rental (With or Without Captain, Without Captain, With Captain) -Capacity allowed -Basic price -Picture (s) The owner can choose to provide additional information in order to describe more precisely their listing such as: length of the boat, width of the boat, draught, engine power, recommended capacity, number of cabins, number of beds, cancellation conditions and check in / check out times. You can also provide other useful information (such as available equipment) for renting out your boat. If you are a professional owner, you will be asked in addition to provide your certificate of incorporation, the ID of the manager of the company. As a result, AirYachtnBoat will use the owner's data appropriately to provide them with the best bespoke services.

Renter data

If you want to complete your user profile and to give more details to the owners about your request, you can also provide the following information (renter data). These are not mandatory when using our Services. The data of the renter includes for example: -Sex (gender) -Birth date -Spoken languages -Address -Information about sailing proficiency level (license, experience) AirYachtnBoat will make good use of the renter's data to provide the best dedicated services.

Messages exchanged on AirYachtnBoat

AirYachtnBoat may consult the messages exchanged between the members via the site or the application to prevent frauds, to improve the offered Services, to help the users and also to check that the Terms and Conditions are well respected by every user. To ensure that no one bypasses our Terms and Conditions, AirYachtnBoat automatically scans for certain threads of exchanged messages (such as phone numbers or addresses). This monitoring is only intended to provide the best possible service.

Public data

Personal data made public with your consent (such as for example a review of a boat following a rental) will be considered as public data on the AirYachtnBoat website and its application. Public data are: -First name -Review (s) received and given Other data are likely (if indicated) to appear, as for example the city of residence, age, saling skills, licenses etc. AirYachtnBoat uses this public data to connect users to each other.

Online navigation data

Information is collected and stored in our database during use of our site or application. This data is used to constantly improve the quality of our Services and to develop new features. This data is also used to prevent fraud via automatic detection systems. This data includes: IP address, user location, navigation behaviour data, browsing history on the site or application.

Application Data

When using the mobile site, AirYachtnBoat collects and stores data related to the use of the application, the "application data". For example: the device that has been used, the version of the application that has been used, any pictures that have been taken and the electronic signatures for rental agreements. At any time, the person subject to processing of their personal data may exercise their rights towards AirYachtnBoat by contacting us via form at


2.2 Retention period of your personal data

Your personal data is stored only during the period that is necessary for the execution of our Services and the duration of your membership to them.


2.3 Rights

You can exercise rights attached to your personal data. To exercise the right of access, rectification, deletion, opposition, portability of data or restriction of processing, contact us via form at An answer will be given to you as soon as possible.


3. Security and data protection by AirYachtnBoat

We make every effort to protect our Services and other systems against online threats such as data loss and illegal access. An encrypted transfer (TLS) between the user and the server increases the security of the operation. Access to your AirYachtnBoat account is only possible after entering your personal password directly into the appropriate box or via an automatic login tool such as Facebook Connect. It is your responsibility to keep your login information confidential and to disconnect from our Site. The data stored by AirYachtnBoat is hosted in the European Union and managed on servers provided by which complies with European data protection law and in particular the GDPR.


4. Right to change the privacy policy of AirYachtnBoat

AirYachtnBoat may implement changes to this policy. If a significant change is made to our privacy policy, the user of our Services will be notified, notably by email. Using AirYachtnBoat Services entails the acceptance of any updates to this Privacy Policy. Every AirYachtnBoat user is encouraged to keep up to date with the latest information regarding the implementation of our privacy policy. You will be able to assert your right of objection by form at in accordance with the Terms and Conditions as applicable to our Services.



Per modificare la tua password vai su "mio account" e poi su "mio profilo". All'interno di "mio profilo" clicca su "modifica password".

Sì, i tuoi dati personali sono protetti.

Il nostro sito web utilizza i più elevati standard di sicurezza per garantire la tua sicurezza. Tutte le informazioni presenti su Airynb sono protette. Il sito è verificato da un certificato SSL.

Devi registrarti sul sito Airynb. Clicca su "Access", clicca su "Crea account" e inserisci tutte le informazioni.
a. seleziona "Sono il proprietario della barca"
b. inserisci email e numero di telefono
c. inserisci nome e cognome
Riceverai una email all'indirizzo email comunicato in fase di registrazione, clicca sulla URL e da quel momento sarai registrato sul sito Airynb.

Fai parte della community di Airynb! Consiglia pure ad amici e familiari! Clicca sui link che trovi sul sito Airynb, come Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Linkedin, Youtube e Pinterest.

Per cambiare la tua password clicca su "mio account" e poi su "mio profilo". All'interno del tuo profilo clicca su "modifica password".

Non paghi Airynb. Paghi direttamente il proprietario di barca.

Charter Request

Puoi sempre fare uno sconto o una offerta personalizzata negoziando direttamente con l'affittuario.

Create an ad

Se rendi la tua barca disponibile per il noleggio con te o con una persona qualificata a bordo, il noleggio sarà considerato "con skipper".

Se rendi la tua barca disponibile per il noleggio senza skipper, l'affittuario sarà responsabile della guida dello yacht.

Puoi anche rendere la tua barca disponibile per il noleggio "con o senza skipper", permettendo all'affittuario di scegliere se desidera avere uno skipper a bordo o meno a seconda delle preferenze del noleggiatore e dell'esperienza di navigazione.

Accettiamo le società di charter professionali.

Il prezzo delle offerte di noleggio delle vostre barche devono essere inferiori al prezzo visualizzato sul vostro sito Web o nella vostra agenzia / ufficio.

La vostra azienda o il vostro sito web non possono essere menzionati in nessun momento: né nella descrizione, né nelle foto, né nello scambio di messaggi con potenziali noleggiatori di barche.


Durante la registrazione, dovresti ricevere un'email di conferma sull'indirizzo email che hai usato per registrarti. Per convalidare la tua e-mail devi semplicemente cliccare sul link "Conferma il mio indirizzo e-mail". Per verificare di aver inserito l'indirizzo email corretto, vai su "mio account" e "mio profilo".

Per accedere al tuo numero di telefono, fai clicca su "mio account"e "mio profilo" e convalida sia il tuo numero di telefono sia il tuo indirizzo e-mail.

Dopo aver cliccato su verifica dovresti ricevere automaticamente un messaggio di testo con un codice. Devi inserire questo codice nell'apposito spazio, quindi il tuo telefono sarà verificato.

Sì, i tuoi dati personali sono protetti.

Il nostro sito web utilizza i più elevati standard di sicurezza per garantire la tua sicurezza. Tutte le informazioni presenti su Airynb sono protette. Il sito è verificato da un certificato SSL.

Per cambiare la tua password clicca su "Mio profilo" e poi su "password".

Rental Request

Le barche dovrebbero essere assicurate dagli stessi proprietari. Ti preghiamo di verificare direttamente con il proprietario della barca che tipo di assicurazione hanno. Puoi inviare un messaggio cliccando su l pulsante "invia messaggio" contenuto nell'offerta di noleggio e compilando il form di contatto.

Un'offerta di noleggio "senza skipper" è una offerta in cui noleggi e guidi la barca da solo o con il tuo equipaggio. Non dimenticare di specificare la tua esperienza nautica e inviare la patente nautica, in alcuni casi, per rassicurare il proprietario della barca. Sarai responsabile dello yacht per l'intera durata del noleggio.

Un'offerta di noleggio "con skipper" è una offerta con uno skipper professionista o con il proprietario della barca a bordo. Saranno con te durante il tuo noleggio e saranno incaricati di guidare lo yacht.

Un'offerta di noleggio "con o senza skipper" significa che lo yacht è disponibile per il noleggio con o senza skipper, entrambe le opzioni sono possibili. Dipende dalle tue preferenze e dalla tua esperienza nautica.

Puoi vedere la barca secondo le regole del proprietario. Puoi scambiare le informazioni di contatto con il proprietario e visitare la barca. Il modulo di contatto Airynb ti consente di fare tutte le tue domande ed è accessibile anche tramite sito mobile.

Puoi sempre chiedere al proprietario di barca uno sconto o una offerta personalizzata cliccando sul pulsante "invia messaggio" che si trova in fondo ad ogni offerta di noleggio e compilando il form di contatto.

Sarai sempre in grado di contattare il proprietario della barca tramite il pulsante "invia messaggio" nell'offerta di noleggio del proprietario della barca. Fai clic sul pulsante e accedi al modulo di contatto Airynb. Compila il modulo e invia il messaggio.

Rental management

Teoricamente, il proprietario della barca o lo skipper sono gli unici capitani a bordo. Sebbene, con la loro autorizzazione e se si è su una barca a vela, possono autorizzarvi a guidare lo yacht. Se sei su un motoscafo e se sei titolare di una patente nautica, puoi guidare lo yacht se lo skipper te lo consente.

Le principali offerte di noleggio con skipper includono il pagamento dello skipper. Se non lo fossero, il proprietario dovrebbe specificarlo nell'offerta di noleggio.
Per una offerta di noleggio con o senza skipper non esitare a fare domande al proprietario di barca inviando un messaggio dal sito. Potranno darti maggiori informazioni sull'offerta di noleggio.

Dovresti verificare all'interno delle informazioni della barca se è specificato dal proprietario della barca.

La maggior parte delle volte, specialmente per le barche a motore, il carburante non è incluso e lo paghi direttamente al proprietario. Generalmente prendi in noleggio una barca con una certa quantità di carburante e la restituisci con la stessa quantità iniziale. Per maggiori informazioni contatta direttamente il proprietario della barca.


La community Airynb è un gruppo di persone che condividono la passione della barca. La community è fatta di proprietari di barca e affittuar e chiunque ci segua sui social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Linkedin, Youtube and Pinterest.

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